Spring fishing carp, how to prevent miscellaneous fish nest?Remember the 3 “no” rule. Fish for a large crucian carp in a mixed school

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With the arrival of spring, the temperature gradually rises, fish conditions are getting better day by day.Crucian carp started to get better, and with that came the miscellaneous fish that wild fishing always had to face.In fact, miscellaneous fish nesting is an indicator, at least to prove that the day of fishing is relatively normal, there is no improper weather caused by fish do not open the situation.So there is a folk saying that miscellaneous fish don’t make trouble and big fish don’t make trouble.Miscellaneous fish nesting is inevitable, need to do is to adapt and deal with.There are two characteristics of the food that miscellaneous fish like. The first is that they like small particles, which is related to the atomization of the bait. The second is that they like the food with strong taste.Big carp like, miscellaneous fish do not like bait or there are a lot of, such as broad bean powder, bean smell is heavier, miscellaneous fish do not like but big carp more like.Wine taste of things is not how to attract miscellaneous fish, so you can try dipping rice fishing, dipping rice fishing is definitely a good way to catch big carp at the bottom of the miscellaneous fish.Not only wine and rice fish do not like, and every shot down is to repair the nest, for a long lasting fish also has a very big benefit.Two, the use of miscellaneous fish bite bait in big carp good fishing stage, is roughly the middle of the spring fishing shoal this period of time, carp long time in shallow water feeding.And shallow water miscellaneous fish will naturally be more, but compared with open water, water grass edge obstacles miscellaneous fish will be less, so fishing carp choose obstacles and reduce the effect of miscellaneous fish.When fishing for crucian carp in shallow water, the most afraid is bait into the water will be chased by miscellaneous fish, so you can also use the bait that the miscellaneous fish can not bite, so that you can ensure that the bait is normal to the end.For example, the use of rice grains, wine bubble wheat grains and other homemade bait, these vegetarian bait fish themselves do not like, but also can not bite, as long as the bait in the end, there is a chance to catch the bottom carp.Three, let the miscellaneous fish catch up with the bait after the bait into the water, the miscellaneous fish swarmed to the bait, the bait is robbed, this situation naturally cannot be normal fishing.So there are some tricks you can use to get the bait to the bottom quickly.For example, use heavy bait, which again requires the use of rice wine.Generally crucian carp commodity bait, basically the proportion is not large, so you can increase some wine rice to increase the proportion of bait, so that the rub bait or pull bait heavier, in place faster can be.Generally speaking, if there are crucian carp in the bottom, the miscellaneous fish are seldom chased to the bottom. Even if the miscellaneous fish chased to the bottom, the size is often not small, but also very worth fishing.In fact, the rice fishing introduced at the beginning also meets this feature. The bait “overweight” can be in place instantly.There are more commonly used folk bag fishing, bag fishing bait group is heavier, bait skin atomization will also recruit small fish, but recruit small fish at the same time also recruit big fish, as long as the big fish into the nest miscellaneous fish nest situation will naturally get link.The key is also that the skin of the bait is to “cover” the core to the bottom quickly, the core is the key to catch the fish.Also pay attention to the collocation of fishing group, especially the selection of the length of the sub-line.If the bait is not too heavy, but the subline is too long, the bait will last longer, giving the miscellaneous fish more time to catch the bait.Therefore, pay attention to the use of shorter subline, reduce the swing range of bait, make bait fast to reduce the influence of miscellaneous fish on fishing.Try rice grains, gray noodles and other bait, using the traditional long rod and short line fishing method to catch, or bag fishing and dipping rice fishing, are a good way to catch big crucian carp where there are many miscellaneous fish;If you play table fishing, remember to add weight to the bait and use a shorter line to reduce the bait swing time.Finally, note that the nature of the miscellaneous fish nest is that there are no big fish in the nest, so some bait methods that seem to find miscellaneous fish are not necessarily unsuitable for wild fishing, such as pulling the bait loose cannon.Please pay attention to the collection like, update every day on time, thank you fishing friends!