Students should find out in advance that these types of students will be excluded from the 2022 national college Entrance Exam, according to new rules

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Guide language: The college entrance examination is a turning point in students’ life. It is an extremely important exam, which requires that it is fair for everyone.Every year, however, some students take advantage of the gaokao in different ways, trying to get into a good university with a low score or resorting to inappropriate means to get a high score.In order to ensure the fairness of the college entrance examination, several new rules have been introduced this year, so students should know about it in advance, rather than wait until the exam is not clear.These students will not be able to take part in the college entrance examination, which is a very serious matter, and no one can do anything illegal in pursuit of high scores. Now, in order to ensure the fairness of the college entrance examination, these students will not be able to take part in the college entrance examination.Students with college entrance examination immigration experience.Gaokao migrants refer to parents who transfer their children’s hukou to areas with low gaokao scores in order to get them into good schools.This method is unfair. In recent years, relevant departments have strictly investigated immigrants who take this method for college entrance examination. Once it is implemented, parents and even children will be seriously dealt with, and even bring trouble to their children who cannot take the college entrance examination.Students in grade one and grade two.I believe that we have heard of gifted teenagers to participate in the college entrance examination and other cases, some children are talented and smart, parents and let children multi-level grade skipping, and even some children have not read high school began to participate in the college entrance examination.For children, the result is that even if they are admitted, their independent living ability is not up to, and sometimes they will be too concerned or even excluded by other students.To stop the phenomenon, authorities have ruled that fresh graduates who have not completed three years of high school cannot take the gaokao.This must cause some parents to oppose, some children are smart, in one year to learn the knowledge of three years of high school, the college entrance examination is not a problem, and parents also responded that since the child has the strength, it is better to expect their children can early college entrance examination.Of course, in the face of such students, there is no way.Be aimed at this kind of student, the young class that many schools set, because this has the student of afore-mentioned circumstance might as well try this kind of method.Both ahead of the university and did not occupy the college entrance examination quota.Students who already have university status.Some students have already taken the gaokao and been admitted to universities, but because of the unsatisfactory results, they want to re-enter universities. For such students, the answer given by the relevant authorities is not allowed, except to withdraw from high school and re-enter high school as a senior three student.Students who break the law and discipline during the examination period.Every year, there are students who violate laws and regulations, risking being found at the risk of doing something small, once found, light results are invalid, or suspended for three years.The college entrance examination is a very serious thing, if there is a fluke in the examination, then it will be punished accordingly.So for the majority of candidates, should not be false not cheating, with the most real results to prepare for the test.These behaviors should be paid attention to in the college entrance examination. The first is not to be late.On the day of the college entrance examination, we must adjust our work and rest, set the alarm and rest early.Exercise or listen to music if you can’t go to bed early because you were too anxious the day before.Take steps to relax and get enough sleep for tomorrow’s test.The second is strict observance of discipline.Any irregularities found during the examination period will result in the examination result being invalid.In the examination process, do not attempt to see other people’s papers at will, because in addition to the invigilator teacher and camera equipment, any behavior can not escape its “law eye”, so during the examination, careful examination, do not talk to each other, until the end of the examination.Finally, try not to leave early.If you finish the test paper in advance and check it several times, you may correct some points due to careless problems in the examination process. However, if you leave the examination room without checking the test paper, you will not only have no chance to correct, but also regret that you realize there are mistakes after leaving the examination room.So after finishing the paper, as much as possible to check several times, after all, more examination is to pick up points for yourself.The college entrance examination is a door for the university to accept you, which requires us to take the examination with the most serious attitude. Cheating is never allowed to enter the examination room, and improper attitude is not allowed to take the examination.Once discovered, the face will be their own grades invalid and the file has the risk of stains.Conclusion: College entrance examination can be described as a big turn in life, but also a very fair and just test, so it is very fair for everyone.In a new policy introduced this year, the above mentioned categories will not be allowed to take the gaokao, which is designed to ensure fairness.Also ask candidates to understand clearly in advance, do not delay the exam also do not waste time, energy to test a test can not enter the examination room.