Will you be kind to yourself and others ____ shouyun Wang

2022-05-02 0 By

Days have a good life of virtue, thick virtue can carry things, magnanimous to allow people, the heart is good, good people with you, with the world, everything is safe, be kind to others, can let life go further, be kind to yourself, can let life live a little moist.It is good to have a dream, all dreams will come true, you are fulfilling your dream, leaving the dream to others, but also to yourself, let the world be full of love.- A kind person will speak kind words, a kind person, a good heart, will do kind things, can meet the wishes of all sentient beings, can benefit the interests of the community, you are a kind person, to treat others is to treat yourself, the heart can not put their own, there is no wisdom, the heart can not put others, there is no compassion.Isn’t this a study? Is this magic again? What are you doing?What are you up to now?- In our life on the road, to learn to treat others, also want to know how to treat yourself, show the color of life.If you can treat others well, let life go further, treat yourself well, let life live moist, everywhere is spring flowers, treat others well, is to treat yourself well, do not have to envy others, you are the scenery in the eyes of others, go out outside, who will not encounter difficulties?Give someone a hand if you can.