Domestic mysterious fierce dog, fighting strength than The German shepherd strong, black black fur black Wolf

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He is the most mysterious dog in China, and also the largest Wolf breed in China. He is bigger than the Wolfhound, and his fighting ability is better than the German Shepherd.The process of its birth was unexpected. At the end of the 19th century, Germans brought a large number of German shepherds to Shandong. Domestic dog dealers found that although German shepherds had a very high IQ, they were too weak due to their small size.So the dealers want to mix an unusually large size, giant canine dog fighting capacity is very rough, and the Chinese people generally like to have a black dog, some people think that black dog of older people can be a great, so the dealers in pure black German shepherd constantly half-blood German shepherd and great Dane and the north big soil after continuous hybrid breeding gave birth to a big,It is a giant Wolf dog with fierce fighting ability and fierce personality. The dog is generally thin, black and bright, and has a very fierce personality, which is an excellent guard dog breed. However, it is not at the same level as German Shepherd in terms of intelligence obedience, and its character is not suitable for urban life.