Trouble!The United States holds a “conference of Allies”, and the “independent thinking” of Germany and France will be severely dealt a blow

2022-05-03 0 By

After two months of busy work, it turned out that it was America’s own Allies, not Russia, who sabotaged the US “maximum pressure” plan.But it is precisely because of the exposure of the problem, the United States finally decided to start from the inside first, to create an “anti-Russian whole”.Hence the so-called “alliance congress” convened by the US, and the “independent thinking” of Germany and France will be severely suppressed.The web 18 reported that although Russia has released “evacuation signals”, also made the temperature and the action of the situation in Ukraine, but the U.S. still has not given up “extreme pressure” Russia, also in the next few days is still a “fatal crisis” of Ukraine, Russian troops crossed the border at anytime to Ukraine a fatal blow.However, this argument is obviously not as powerful as it used to be, because some core European countries have their own “independent minds” and do not agree with American ideas.There is no way, since the internal problems, then start from the internal solution.So the United States called its European Allies, NATO Allies and Canada for what it called a “meeting of Allies.”Although the theme of the meeting was still “How to deal with the Russian military threat”, everyone knew that Germany and France were the targets of The United States and its Allies, which would no longer allow them to undermine the “maximum pressure” plan by provoking other European countries into dialogue with Russia.During the past half month of turmoil between Russia and Ukraine, there has always been a strange phenomenon.Among them, the United States has gone out of its way to “prove” the Russian military’s threat to Ukraine, while pointing out that Russia is the “biggest destroyer” of European security.Germany and France, whose leaders have traveled to Kiev and Moscow to mediate the conflict, have made a very clear case for a different story.Even the German Chancellor pointed out that Russia is an indispensable part of Europe on international occasions, stressing that only cooperation with Russia can ensure stability and security in Europe.At the same time, he pointed out that the isolation of Russia cannot fundamentally solve the problem, only dialogue is an effective way to solve the conflict.In short, the German chancellor returned from Moscow determined that Russia was no threat.Meanwhile, the French president stressed a similar position.But the French did not mention much about Russia-EU cooperation, instead pointing their guns directly at the United States and NATO.The French president said Europe would always be Europe, not America’s Europe, and only if Europe could be “completely independent” could it make policies in its own interests and manage relations with Europe.France also stressed that NATO has now changed “flavour”, is no longer used to protect Europe’s organization, but the United States “has” become a organization, decision is not in conformity with the European interests, the best solution is to set up a independent military organization, is used to protect its own security in Europe, rather than relying on the European interests “is kind”.Thus, the “independent ideas” of Germany and France are at odds with those of the United States.In the US’s vision, Europe can only be obedient, jumping wherever the US points, rather than debating whether the US is doing the right thing after receiving its signals.Just like the current Russia-Ukraine crisis, the United States has proposed so many “outbreak of war”, but Europe has not reached a unified position, and the main reason is Germany and France.Without such a solution, it would be impossible for the United States to implement its “maximum pressure” plan and deprive Russia of its benefits with a single shot fired.It is precisely because of this disagreement that the United States has decided to hold this “conference of Allies”, with the intention of using Canada, Britain and other European Allies to persuade Germany and France to get tough with Russia, or to press both countries to get tough.If Germany and France change their stance, Europe will quickly be cast as a truly anti-Russian whole.