Vernacular novel: Aqui

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Aquiwen: CAI Shiping lives in Taiping village, Akui, medium build, a pair of round thick eyebrows big eyes, stare big will eat people.His lips were thick, and he wore a wide dress of blue-breasted cloth with a white wash on top, and loose blue slacks below.At ordinary times always love to take the arbour bag, a five or six inches long bamboo festival arbour, like singing folk songs.What “teach you to sing mountain songs/make you sit on the fir tree stump/go to church every day and forget/pull ramie to rub/”.Akui’s wife was called Lao Wang Gu. She had five golden flowers and a son who passed the examination.Poor life, just want to have an old baby.So, he gave his daughter Ann name, with a “younger brother” character.The eldest brother was tian Di, the second brother was root (heel) di, the third brother was laidi, the fourth brother was Zhaodi, and the fifth brother was sheng di.He was also a chain-smoker, who would chew on cigarettes, blushing and panting, coughing like thunder that scared children to cry and scared cats and dogs away.In his later years, he did not join the production team when he was working, but every morning he carried a load of dung pan and took a shovel to shovel grass up the mountain to accumulate fertilizer for the production team and earn a few points.Lao Wang gu is over 60 and also takes part in the production team.In the golden autumn of 1973, I came home to visit my family. On the way, I met Lao Wang’s aunt. On her back was a little boy of three or four, holding a bunch of grain in her right hand.Because in my impression, Lao Wang gu only gave birth to five golden flowers.She called to me from afar with a smile on her face: “Ping, you are back, good.You are blessed!”I thought, is not out of work, what blessing?Then she turned to me, gesturing to the boy on her back, and gushed, “This was born the same winter you left.”I looked at it carefully, the child grow tiger head, thick eyebrows big eyes thick lips, like his father.I say it is a blessing for you and your uncle to have a child when you are old.She said: “The old people say there is no mistake, the village out one, will add another.Now, as soon as you go out, I have him.”Well said.I can’t remember her smiling as much as she did today.Lao Wang gu also had a bad fate. A handful of women had been born in succession.Aqui often called her “loser, pig!”Aunt Wang’s family said that she had been scolded and stupid by Ah Kui.Sometimes she would complain that she had a weak stomach and could not hold up her head in the village. All the year round, her old face was always gloomy and never sunny.However, Lao Wang gu did once fool himself and became the laughingstock of the village commune members — she saved the chicken and set the eagle free.In the autumn of the year before the three girls were born, Lao Wanggu and the commune members dug the soil and planted vegetables in the fields after harvesting the late rice.The fields of golden autumn are open and clear.Lao Wang gu will cage a nest of chickens in the upper hill field foraging, digging with everyone in the lower hill field.Blue sky from time to time hovering a few hawk kite, Lao Wang gu’s chicken wife with a dozen chickens are foraging.Suddenly, a bird of prey flying eagle swooped down, frightened chicken woman cries anxious to bring the chick into the coops under the ridge.The eagle, with its sharp talons and wide wings flapping, burrowed into the chicken coop.In order to protect the chicks, the old hen also opened its wings, brandished its claws and fought with the eagle.The commune members who were going down to the fields shouted: “Lao Wang Gu, the eagle has caught the chicken!”Lao Wang gu dropped his hoe and ran to the edge of a chicken feather cage. She reached into the cage and grabbed an eagle’s wing, dragged it out of the cage and threw it. The eagle was frightened and flew into the sky.He muttered, “You wretch!When they hatch ten days ago, they want to take them away.”As the commune members gathered around and talked, Aqui ran out of breath and shouted, “I…I yelled catch…Catch the eagle and you let it go…Let go, you…You stupid pig!”After the club members also said Lao Wang gu honest with stupid, the eagle how precious ah, this cage chicken also can’t beat that big eagle.In fact, at that time, Lao Wang gu only wanted to save her chicken.After that, Lao Wang gu was given a flower name of “pig”, which also became a catchphrase for Ah Kui.Ah Kui and rural men have the same virtue, has always adhered to the “three unfilial, no descendants is the greatest” old custom.Who doesn’t want to have an heir?Every festival, he is very active and devout worship ancestors, incense singing ya (bow), pray for the tomb head smoke, let him add a dragon seed to continue incense.But fate always played a trick on him.Year after year, month to month, than the stars to the moon is difficult.One will be female, two will be female, three will be female and four will be female.It is really “raise a daughter raise cheap sorrow (mother)”.He had his fortune told. He had a cub to take him to his old age.When he gave birth to five girls, everyone said it must be a man with a handle, and he believed it.The afternoon Lao Wang’s aunt gave birth, he was waiting anxiously.As soon as the midwife entered the house to deliver the baby, Ah Kui immediately killed the chicken, still killing while humming a folk song, “Pick up wood and pick up the stone, / once the axe is cut down, you will ask for 17 or 18, / don’t want to raise the baby and greedy reputation.”Suddenly he heard the baby wailing from the back room. Ah Kui’s heart was pounding wildly. Seeing the midwife coming out, he asked urgently, “Ah Yue, sheng…Give birth to what hemp?””Uncle, kill the chicken.It’s the same for baby girls, and more fish will be served on Chinese New Year’s Day.”But god did not look at him, and neither did the old man. He seemed to want to quarrel with him, but he did not like it.He was so angry that he threw the castron far away, stared at the man-eating eyes of the cow, and lifted the dung pan containing the chicken feathers and roared, “Come here, bury this little bastard across the gate!”A month busy stop say: “good good head, a big live sister you willing to bury?You old feudal!””And snatched the dung pan out of his hand.Poor old Aunt Wang was in pain in bed with tears running down her nose. What a bitch!Ah Kui was so angry that he lay upright on his bed and waited until his relatives were busy preparing dinner. His daughters took turns to come in and call to him, “Abba, it’s dinner time.”He replied indignantly: “Get out, get out!Failure goods!”After the event, he ruthlessly sold several other capons.Seeing his daughters grow up one after another, aqui’s youngest daughter is now three or four years old, and he has nothing to look forward to. He still goes up to shovel grass every morning.One spring day, Lao Wang was pregnant again.As her belly grew, her relatives and so on decided that it was round and pointed, and must be a whelp.They all advised Aqui to plan ahead and raise more roosters.Giving birth to daughter giving birth to cold heart ah Kui already ran 70, he was too disappointed!How many lives had been calculated, how many dreams had been made, fate played tricks on again and again, relatives coaxed again and again, he did not believe that the sun would come out of the west.Even if the right person is born, he will no longer raise any cock, only raise two old hens to lay eggs, to supplement his old age.One morning, Lao Wang gu heard the captain’s whistle blowing very tightly.She hurriedly handed her washing clothes to her daughter to dry, and hurriedly picked up the hoe and prepared to go to work.Just out of the gate, suddenly stomach bursts of pain, hurried home to lie on the bed, told her daughter to go to the midwife.Ah Kui had already gone up the mountain to shovel grass with a dung pan. His cousin called him back on the way.He did not care at all, put down the dung pan hoe, accustomed to squatting on the stone steps, leisurely smoking.The seemingly calm surface could not hide his pounding heart.Soon his cough, accompanied by the baby’s loud waw, rose above the noise of the women.I heard my cousin’s wife Shouting, “Brother, brother, Amogu, Amogu!”He heard, was he not listening, or…He stared at the midwife with his ox eyes and pointed at her with his bamboo pipe: “Is it a MAO gu?”A month nodded while smiling yingying answer: “no mistake, is a MAO ancient.”Hearing the midwife’s affirmative answer, Aqui was more excited than he had ever been before, tears rolling down his cheeks and thick lips trembling slightly.Then he fell on his knees and clasped his hands, singing his ya (bowing) to the high blue sky.Though the cool wind blew through the alley, Aqua was sweating.I do not know who called a “uncle, quick kill chicken!”Aqui seemed not to hear, hurriedly got up and ran away.According to the custom of taiping Hakka, month woman must eat castrated cock, commonly known as castron chicken.Where will Aquinas find capons?He did not find in the enclosure, then ran to the yard, see castron on the catch, make chicken fly dog bark, people still think is a chicken thief.Is catching a big capon, the master yun two in-laws urgently call way: “uncle, do what?”He grabbed the chicken with his left hand and grabbed a stick with his right, knocking the other chicken unconscious and holding it in his hands.Ayun didn’t stop him.”Ah yun’s wife cried out,” You are crazy!Ah Kui said: “I have urgent need!””There is an urgent need, the business also talk about a weight and the price, can not kill the chicken to talk about the price.”He broke away from Ayun and stared at him with his thick lips foaming at him. He said as he backed away, “I will pay you every ounce of money you say. Your word is as good as your word.”As he ran away, he dropped a sentence: “I want those capons, you keep them for me!”After coming home, he caught the two big capons in the ancestral temple and killed them. He wanted to worship his ancestors well.It is really “five golden flowers open, a son deng Tang Yao zu.”Since ancient times, the countryside has paid attention to the family line.If you have a daughter and no son, you have to close the door. Who will pay respects to your ancestors and sweep the grave?This is also realistic.It should be said that now everyone is leading a well-off life, and the peasants, like their urban counterparts, have access to medical care, care and entertainment…There’s nothing left to worry about.However, for thousands of years, the idea of “raising children for old age and storing grain to prevent hunger” is still deeply rooted in the hearts of villagers in some remote mountainous areas.Need with the development of The Times, social progress, to gradually eliminate.The picture in this article comes from the network, if the infringement contact delete.You are welcome to contribute your original works. Please submit your works to This number includes local, homesickness and homesickness articles.Please attach the author’s name with the manuscript, preferably with pictures, please mark whether it is original.The official account of local literature has been opened. 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