Who should we believe in the stock market

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Novice: many people say that they are novice, and then learn, in fact, enter any market, if from the essence, we can actually see that some market opportunities, really can be grasped.But this needs us to judge from the most basic common sense, rather than listen to most people’s one side of the word, because they say, are hidden purpose, and this final purpose is what, is you have something worth others to remember, what is he want?Unprofessional: In this market, if you often hear people who have lost money sum up, at the end of the day, you are unprofessional.Why is it not professional? In fact, it contains our ability, mentality and cognition, which should be possessed by a professional investor.You think, the above several elements you have no it, certainly is a lot of people do not have, just the mentality of this, a lot of people are to see the interests of the inevitable have the mentality of quick success and instant benefit.Arrogance: For example, some people only believe in themselves. We need to analyze whether what we think is right or not. What opinions others will have?Or do we just have to apply the right medicine to each situation and have a specific solution to each situation.I often hear a lot of different opinions that make sense, but the idea behind it may be fundamentally wrong, but it just makes sense when expressed.That’s why a lot of things are phenomenally reasonable, but some of them are fundamentally wrong.Doubt: in the market, in fact, we are right all sorts of things, all need to have the spirit of doubt, what does this mean?It’s something really weird, or something that seems really reasonable, but if you think about it, you’ll see something different.Just like we see acting, all kinds of plots are laid out very scientifically and feel like real, but behind are in the director’s script, under the guidance of the director.A lot of things that seem reasonable, if they seem natural, don’t feel like coincidences, they’re intentional, taking advantage of human nature, and skipping them straight out of the brain’s process of thinking.Temptation: If you see a lot of temptation, you should wonder why it attracts you and what its purpose is.A lot of things appear, not for nothing, let you see, most likely deliberately to show you what you need to see, these things, finally attract your time, your pocket money, or the picture may be you.Speaking of which, there is a very clear saying that the money made by strength will eventually be lost back by luck. This luck is that when you try something new, it will all go back.Routine: in the market, why a lot of people take the bait, I think a lot of people are to see the meat, in fact, it is just a bait for us, many people did not see thoroughly, what is hidden behind this bait.But a lot of people do not want to use the brain to think, because in the emotional excitement, a person’s reason is basically zero, no judgment and identification ability, so it will be easy to take the bait.As an investor, it must be necessary to have such wisdom, even if the cunning routine, to the end will be exposed, but the time is sooner or later.Gao Wei: There is always something beyond ordinary people’s cognition. What is this thing? It is a higher dimension and cannot be explained clearly.Because first of all, everyone has his own view of a thing, his way of thinking is feasible in his mind, that is, he can understand his own way of thinking.As soon as he goes beyond what he knows in his head, he collapses, this is the collapse of the world view, he finds that all his previous knowledge is wrong, and instantly he begins to be led by others.There’s a term that I’m sure you’ve all heard. It’s called IQ tax.Therefore, as in our investment market, once there is a high-level interpretation, the original low-level interpretation of their own value and help have disappeared.This is why the imaginative person can overcome all the existing feasible logic, because this kind of imagination, the original logical system suddenly collapsed.Essence: what can investors see? Can they understand a big chess game, who is playing chess, and which pieces are we in it? It’s all a game.Because a big market, there are all kinds of forces, you choose to believe in what force, you want to let this force, finally evolve into a trend, understand this, you can grasp the opportunity in advance.Sometimes, I have been confused, is in the shock, one month, two months, so that many people are unclear, think that such an opportunity to forget, it is better to let their heart quietly, to polish other skills, improve their non-wealth ability.In the end, it may be so valuable that you realize you should have done more of it if you had known.Attention is Paramount in the marketplace. Always focus on the one thing that matters most to you.There will always be some mysterious force, some mysterious message, just to grab our attention, distract us, provoke us to start being irrational and making bad decisions.This is very normal, the market competition is cruel, everyone wants to share a piece of soup from this inside.So what we have to do is stay sane and try not to get washed off the table, not to become meat in someone else’s mouth, or to be harvested by someone else.Yes, we need to keep our eyes open to the confusion, the artificial information may have some purpose, but this requires our ability to anticipate and sift through the information.These two skills are crucial in investing in any market.As far as you can see in this, as far as you can see, your ability to play the game will be strong.Because the market is like one thing we have to do, only when the direction ahead is clear, you will walk the path and footsteps will be more firm, and often when you know the key to do this thing, the effect will be the best, the fastest.We often see those who hesitate, can not see the direction of the people, will be stagnant, such a problem is serious, so, I hope you have a pair of eyes, see the market opportunities.(hall gump: business people, investors, writer, brand planning and marketing, Internet independent thinker) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ welcome in the comments section and I communication