Children like to shout. Parents need to understand the “law of emotions” and not let their children become slaves to their emotions

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In daily life, we always find that there are some children’s temper is not particularly bad, even if you and do not talk to him, he may look at you with ferocious face.In the face of such a situation, naturally for this child, we will not show a more friendly attitude, in fact, this is the child’s own personality problem.Such children the way they usually like to use Shouting, to express their inner emotions, once suffered from other things, such as the heart wronged, or inner discontent, they are likely to use the more irascible mood expression way, to let others know his state of mind, know that he was not very happy at this time.But blindly use wait on the roar of the way, to express their inner ideas is really right?Kids often like to shout. What should we do as parents?Everyone is an emotional animal, especially children. After we are born, we always face other people, and in this process, we must learn to communicate with them, but under the premise of such communication, there will be emotions.The formation of our emotions can also affect the child’s own behavior, and the child’s own self-control, and the environment can also have a great impact on their own emotions.Of course, some people say that most people are rational and only a few people are in an emotional state, but this sentence is not convincing at all.After all, we will find that no one, however rational, can be completely rational under all circumstances, so we can assume that most people are emotional.If we talk about the so-called rationality, it is actually the emotion that people show when they are faced with something. It can make use of the knowledge in its brain to carry out certain thinking, instead of expressing inner emotions through external behaviors.Just like when children are hungry and want to eat, they will cry to tell their parents.Or sometimes parents criticize their children, and they may respond in a more grumpy way.Of course, in most cases, the child is actually unreasonable to temper, or even directed at the parents, and this emotional expression will only make others have a bad impression on him, and for the personal growth of no help.We’ll also find that most of the kids who are emotional, they’re likely to have these behaviors that have a big impact on their lives.02 “emotional” brings to the child, do more harm than good 1) children peremptorily, don’t understand respect people in general, when our mood after will not understand it spirals out of control, especially in the case of very angry and anger, are likely to point to their closest person, and not to show his respect for people.For some children one-child families now, in the face of the elders, or someone else, is always in a command to speak to them in a tone of command, once the others didn’t promised to their request, also it shows discontent, and even mouth say dirty words, but all are their elders in the family, their performance is obviously wrong.2) don’t understand to control temper, affect individual image and some of the children to the mall, see what all want to buy, if the parents did not agree, they may also appear to lie on the floor screaming, in the face of such a situation, also suggested them out for their own behavior, is not a better way to handle.Under such circumstances, people passing by the roadside will say a few words: this child is really naughty!What a good-for-nothing boy!What a bad-tempered child!The appearance of such words has defined children and made them realize what they are like in the end. However, the temper of children comes so soon that they still do not know how to control their emotions or how to change them, which will only exert a great influence on their personal image building and even affect their future study and life.3) too angry, not conducive to the formation of character in life, we can see two obvious personality differentiation of people, one is a mild personality, one is a grumpy person.Who do we normally choose to communicate with?Surely in everybody’s heart also already had the answer.Most people first consider a mild temper, after all, not due to personality reasons, affect the communication between two people.Once a person with a bad temper, others will hesitate when choosing communication partners. After all, seeing such a person can imagine how bad-tempered his personality is.Once the problem is not unanimously identified, there will be a lot of problems, of course, once such a situation occurs, the child’s irritable mood, irritable character will be more obvious.What should parents do when their children’s emotional problems are so serious?Look at the above said this kind of problem, I believe that parents will be very worried, in the face of children this kind of emotion, how should we go to educate them?In fact, this is where we need to use something called the “law of emotions.”Emotional rules It is not an emotional standard to teach children how to follow.But let us realize that emotions, in fact, is a very normal thing, but only those who know how to control, can succeed, so we should realize that we can not do emotional slaves.In the process of self-control, we must understand the influence of emotions on ourselves, and we should also come up with certain ways to let ourselves know how to handle emotions and become more calm. In this process, we must do the following things.Give yourself time to calm down, reasonable control of your emotions once there is emotional out of control, it is best to give yourself some calm time, for example, especially angry angry, should give yourself 10 minutes to calm down and self-thinking time.Can stand in the corner of a person thinking, now facing the problem how to solve, only in this way to let the child better to control their emotions, rather than explosive.Help children sort out the reality, thinking behind the results of a part of the child’s mood grumpy situation, in fact, the reason is not to know how to think behind the results, then we want to use the emotional law to deal with the child’s mood, we should find a breakthrough point.For example, children will make some changes if they understand that their emotional overreaction may hurt them or have a big impact on their life.In addition to the points we have mentioned above, in fact, as parents, they should also know how to influence their children according to the emotional law in their daily life, so that they know how to control their inner emotions to avoid hurting themselves.As parents, how to use emotional law in life to affect the growth of children?① Treat children to have a gentle temper after their children make mistakes, some parents will always use a more irritable way to deal with, such as Shouting at children, to children with sticks education, the emergence of this behavior, it suggests that parents are more angry, a way to show.As parents, we should treat our children with a mild temper, especially after they make mistakes. It is important for parents to understand that children are still young and some things they do not understand need parents’ guidance.(2) set a good example, calm deal with the problem of parents and children get along with the longest time, and in the subtle influence to the child the influence is more and more big, when we are in dealing with problems, is a state of peace, not aggressive, so children learn extra legit, will know how to deal with the problem?Especially their angry, angry, can not go to a more irritable way, Shouting sometimes is also the parents used to come out, we must be clear, what parents are like, what children are like.If you find a problem with your child, you must find the cause from yourself.As we said above, when some people are angry, they may use running, reading, listening to music and so on to deal with their emotions, which is actually a very good way.So we may encounter a lot of inner dissatisfaction in life, how to calm their emotions?This requires training in daily life.If you want to let children understand emotional control, in fact, there should be a more ingenious way to let children try the above mentioned ways.In addition, let the child calm thinking is also more important, only in this way, in order to let the child in the temper of the time, calm processing, rather than with a grumpy mood to solve.In the process of children’s growth, it is true that there will be a variety of problems, parents sometimes, can not be perfect to deal with, let alone children.In a word, when educating children, we should understand the true thoughts of children’s hearts by stages and situations, so as to give them the best guidance.We can also teach children to manage emotions through picture books.This set of children’s emotional management and Character Development is very good, a total of 8 volumes.Parents can read to their children as a bedtime story, and they can also teach their children how to manage their emotions.Before the age of 3, parents can read to their children as a bedtime story book.At the age of 3-6, make good habit forming storybooks to help children manage their emotions and develop a good character. There are 10 picture books in this series.Respectively is “good habits”, “I can protect myself”, “brave do yourself, do your best, I am a honest boy, I don’t literally lost his temper,” we are all good friends “, “good manners”, is the share my happiness “, “mother I can do it”, painted in this picture is also very suitable for children to see,Because children are very sensitive to pictures.Good habits determine good future, this behavioral habit cultivation picture book should help.And can scan code listening, convenient parents after a day of work, has been very tired, want to tell a story to the child but the heart is willing to but the problem of insufficient force.3-6 years old is the critical period for children to form habits. If they do not pay attention to guidance, bad habits are easy to form, and it is difficult to change the bad habits once they are set.So, if children have these bad habits, parents must help children “gentle and persistent” to correct!Click below to buy!!