Eight years ago, a chimeric man in the United States gave birth to a child.

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There is a group of people in the world whose body organs are always stunted compared with normal people.Some of them have male features, but they also have menstruation and breast development at puberty.Most of these people are infertile and rarely live long enough to be fertile.In physiology, such groups are called intersex people.Hermaphrodite, also known as hermaphrodite.We all know that human sex is determined by chromosomes X and Y.Embryos with xx chromosomes will develop into females, while those with XY chromosomes will develop into males.In both cases, of course, there are two chromosomes.What if there were only one or more chromosomes?At this point, there are two cases to discuss.In the first case, there are three chromosomes.The condition is known as trisomy syndrome, a congenital condition that can lead to stunted growth and mental retardation.The second condition is one or more sex chromosomes.This is what we call intersex.Of course, intersex people are not necessarily caused by chromosomal abnormalities, but by an enzyme called 5A-reductase.However, no matter what kind of situation is caused, it will cause incalculable troubles and influences on the physical and psychological level of the individual.The first is fertility.With the development of society, young people’s views on family and marriage have undergone earth-shaking changes, and the Dink family and non-marriage advocates have become more and more a social norm.Faced with rising housing prices and weaker relationships, a growing number of people believe that marriage only degrades the quality of life, and children add another heavy shackle to the siege.The Dink group believes that instead of turning themselves into “ladies with yellow faces” and “unhappy husbands” for the sake of a child, they should invest their time and money in themselves and their partners and enjoy the present moment.According to statistics, by 2021, China’s DINK community has exceeded 600,000 people, especially in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other first – and second-tier cities accounted for the most significant proportion.Of course, there are also “fake dink” or “impulsive dink” crowd.However, it is worth noting that although dink groups do not want to reproduce, it does not mean that they cannot reproduce.Fertility is god’s gift to us to create angels.It’s one thing to be born, it’s another to want to be born.However, because of hermaphroditism, most intersex people are even directly deprived of this gift in a passive situation.In intersex people, there is a category called 5A-reductase deficiency, which is caused by a severe deficiency of the 5A-reductase mentioned above.Boys with this condition continue to look like girls and even grow female organs until the age of 12.However, once puberty begins, the body’s primitive XY sex chromosomes kick in and stimulate the development of male secondary sex traits.As a result, the once delicate girl has suddenly become a bearded man.Of course, if the body’s primary sex chromosomes were XX, the situation would be completely reversed.Unfortunately, men with this condition never mature physically, let alone reproduce normally.This is also known as pseudohermaphroditism.The opposite of false hermaphroditism is called true hermaphroditism, or what we call chimeras.Because chimeras are both male and female, fertility is significantly easier than pseudohermaphroditism.But before conception, special surgery is needed to “correct” it.On August 1, 2014, The British daily Mail once reported a news: a couple from Kentucky, the United States, unexpectedly gave birth to a child.It’s important to note that both of these couples are intersex.The man who gave birth to the child was Nick, a bearded, slightly stocky 27-year-old male.One might wonder, if he’s a man, how can he have children?That’s because Nick has been a chimerism since he was born.Nick, who has a feminine appearance due to his love of menswear, underwent surgery to become a boy seven years ago.Nick’s wife Bianca also underwent surgery to become a woman at the age of 21 after growing up wearing her mother’s lipstick and dresses.Despite Nick’s surgery, which has given him a more sculpted face and a bushy beard, and Bianca’s protrusions and long legs, they are both introverted and self-conscious because of their surroundings.Let alone socializing, you have to put up with strange looks when you walk down the street.Helpless, two people have to seek warmth on the network.What a coincidence.The network is so big, these two people just met together.After the two net chat, understand each other similar experience, more sympathetic.Soon, Nick and Bianca, falling in love, decided to go for it.After a few months of sweet cohabitation, the two officially married.At first, Nick and Bianca didn’t think much about the baby.After all, husband Nick thought his chances of having a baby as an intersex man were too low.So much so that when he gave birth to his first child, he thought it was just a pile of excrement.Despite the healthy baby, the couple had a new worry because even they weren’t sure who would be the father.In principle, whoever gives birth to the child is the mother and the other is the father.But in this particular case, although the child was born to Nick, Nick was already a symbol of the father in terms of physical appearance and sexual characteristics.Under two people intense discussion, finally decided to let the role of the mother burka as the mother, and gave birth to the child Nick as the father.Of course, the Nickels decided to wait until their children were older to tell the truth.As the offspring of transgender people, although there is nothing wrong with their children, they are still criticized by others because of their parents.Many times when Nick and His wife have taken their children to the hospital for check-ups, doctors and nurses have been astounded by their treatment.From Nick’s point of view, of course, these are minor issues.He was even more worried, and when his child went to school, he would inevitably be judged by other children.These comments may be about simple curiosity, but they will eventually hurt the person being talked about.This brings us to the second question — about prejudice.What is the bias?In psychology, it is defined as an attitude, often incorrectly negative or hostile, toward the identity of certain members of society.But perhaps one more should be added: the “drama in a teapot” attitude of wanting to tell everyone you’ve discovered something different.As a matter of fact, we go through life moving out of prejudice.Or prejudice against place, or prejudice against race, or prejudice against religion.Intersex people reflect a prejudice against physical defects.However, a person who has prejudice against others is himself full of narrowness.Acceptance of difference is the beginning of acceptance of the world.After all, where in the world are special people?Each of us is just another variety of ordinary people.It is this variety of differences between individuals that makes the world so colorful.However, despite the development of society, people are becoming more and more tolerant of everything, but when people talk about intersex people, it is hard to avoid “colored glasses”.A British man named Anderson knows this all too well.Before he knew he was bisexual at the age of 11, he had been living under such “colored glasses”.In fact, when intersex people are first born, even their parents and doctors have a hard time recognizing their children’s abnormalities because they are not fully developed.After all, hospitals will not set up relevant tests without special circumstances.Anderson was raised as a girl by her family.Even Anderson felt like a girl.However, during adolescence, when the second trait should have developed, Anderson did not show any other obvious feminine features.On the contrary, he has a very pronounced male chest, which causes him a lot of trouble and conflict in the women’s locker room.Every time she changed in the women’s locker room, Anderson had to put up with the nagging comments of the women next to her.Many times, the girl’s parents would even come to him and ask him to lift up his shirt, telling him in shock, “You can’t be a girl, you’re a boy!”Anderson wasn’t offended or embarrassed, and sometimes thought they might be right.He has experienced this behavior countless times since he was born.If you had asked his teachers, classmates and friends growing up whether Anderson was a boy or a girl, all of them would have answered, “He’s a boy,” Anderson says.But Anderson was puzzled: If he couldn’t go to the women’s locker room to change, where could he?To the men’s locker room?If he is not a girl, what is he?Are they aliens?All of this was answered at the age of 11.One day, when Anderson was 11 years old, he suddenly had severe abdominal pain.At that time, he just suspected that he had stones or other diseases.With the help of his parents, he went to the hospital for a check-up.But from the gp to the ultrasound, the doctor told them something shocking: they saw male features on Anderson’s abdomen.In other words, he is an intersex!In fact, the existence of intersex people is not uncommon.Worldwide, one in every 4,500 people is intersex.But Anderson never thought he would be one of them.But the result was a relief to him, as if all the previous anomalies made sense.Because of Anderson’s abnormality, he produces both estrogen and male hormones.If he is not operated on in time, the two hormones will overreact, causing his body to have an excessive amount of glandular hormones.The end result can be as little as pinching blood vessels and nerves, causing severe pain in the body.In severe cases, it can even be life-threatening.So the question now was whether Anderson wanted to be a woman or a man.Anderson believes that being a man will get more respect than being a girl.Of course, this sentence simply means male superiority.It’s because Anderson, who is now perceived as male, has clearly chosen to be male.If she had chosen a woman, Anderson would have been doomed to continue to endure suspicions and possibly be asked to testify in the presence of women.But Anderson expressed regret over the decision.Because the decision was made under a lot of outside influence.This means that even if intersex people have the right to re-choose their sex, that right is still subject to social circumstances.Before she knew she was bisexual, Anderson didn’t have much idea of her sexuality.Only that when they were with men, they perceived a more uniquely feminine magnetism in Anderson.Anderson, on the other hand, is more passionate and romantic with women.That’s another reason Anderson decided to become a man when he was 15.After the surgery, Anderson also had a beard and body hair all over his body.Anderson is pleased with the changes.He describes his treatment as the best time of his life.Because during that time, he can make the most of his body and mold himself into what he really wants to be.But the next two surgeries were painful for Anderson.But the high cost of the operation later became a problem.Surgery to treat hermaphroditism is not difficult with current medical standards, but it is best to do it as soon as possible, otherwise it will be more difficult once the hormones in the body go out of control.And the cost of surgery is generally in tens of thousands to tens of thousands of yuan.Some people may think that is not an exaggeration.But for some families, it is like a painful dust, blowing away, but heavy, the whole family can not breathe.This is why some hermaphroditic people don’t even want to talk to their parents when they discover something is wrong with their body.In view of this problem, the society should implement rigorous pre-marital check-up, necessary economic assistance and psychological dredge.There’s so much to overcome from birth to being a normal person.And the survival rate is so much lower than the average bisexual people, they can grow up is a lucky thing!Although they are burdened with unimaginable and unaffordable pain, they are always able to live a more optimistic life than ordinary people.I don’t think we need to be particularly sympathetic or curious about them.To treat ordinary people equally is to show them the utmost respect.