Money for the poor is simple: watch your purse

2022-05-04 0 By

Lao Jia was on the subway today and saw a video AD for soda on the subway.As you can guess from the list of ingredients, the main ingredient in the soda is a little baking soda in the water.In fact, this is the kind of soda that a lot of people make at home, as simple as having baking soda at home.If you insist that the soda is superior to the soda we make, there are a lot of food additives, chemicals to improve the taste, sugar and so on.Of course, food preservatives must be 100% added, because the products of merchants need to be transported and preserved for a long time, so they must be added with preservatives.Of course, the soda bottle is also very beautiful and beautiful.It’s not like drinking soda at home, where you put a little water in a glass and add baking soda, no packaging.In general, commercial sodas aren’t nutritionally healthier than your own.I don’t think it’s cheap to sell a soda for $5, maybe $10.A bottle of mineral water now costs three yuan.Besides, there are a lot of gimmicks.But if you buy tap water for $5, you can buy 2 tons of water, boil it and drink it until you’re full and throw up.But the average person will still buy the soda from the store. In addition to the beautiful packaging, the propaganda of the store is also very good.But Lao Jia always believes that the best drink is plain water or mineral water.Other a few added the drink of disorderly additive, just taste a fresh, drink occasionally worth while, but you regard it as plain boiled water to drink, drink every day, drink month by month, that is wrong, that is to pay intelligence quotient tax.But most of the poor will not consider the problem so, they will not boil their own water to drink, even mineral water is not looked at, must be to buy the water sold by businesses to add all kinds of chemical preparations.Because this is trendy, this is fashionable, this is high, but also because this is expensive.And my own water is too low.Most of the commodities on the market, in addition to the basic survival needs, are basically rich people, merchants to harvest the poor and exist.For example, we go to the Internet to watch a TV drama, to become a member.In fact, these TV series never tell you the truth of life, the truth of society.It’s designed to make poor tits laugh, and it’s so pandering to poor values that it’s not very nourishing except to pass the time.A bully president falls in love with Cinderella, a poor boy marries a rich man’s daughter, or a fairy tale of adults who fight when they disagree with each other, a variety of martial arts TV.These entertainment works are written by the rich to make money from the poor, or the poor dream of making up stories, just like dong Yong and the seven Fairies, the cowherd and the Weaver girl stories, all of them are poor boys who can’t get married.Poor people pay money to watch this, they just look more and more stupid, they just live in their own poor world view, forming a closed loop, they never climb out, and they wallow in this closed loop full of silt for the rest of their lives.However, the poor like to buy soda water, milk tea, like watching these garbage entertainment works, and revel in it, for their own enjoyment.Making money is very difficult, the poor want to make money, in fact, do not need to work hard to improve their ability and level, as long as usually manage their own money bag, in addition to the basic food and drink, pull, scatter and sleep expenses, do not casually money outside.Less IQ tax and less harvesting is the equivalent of a little more money.