Prosecutors set up tutoring center for juvenile suspects and their families

2022-05-04 0 By

Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter Li Ziqiang recently, the City’s north District Procuratorate set up Qingdao’s first family education guidance center, found in the process of handling the case of criminal suspects and parents to teach “the first lesson of the school.”It is understood that the family education guidance Center, as one of the independent modules of Qingmiao Studio of The Municipal North District Procuratorate, carries out family education guidance, supervision and supervision activities, and opens the working mode of full coverage of family education guidance for ordinary minors and delinquent minors.A large number of cases show that improper family guardianship education, parents’ incorrect educational concept, weak legal awareness and lack of legal knowledge are the main reasons leading to juvenile delinquency.To urge parents to fulfill their duties of guardianship discipline, improve the ability of family education, prevention, offence of minors crime again, at the same time improve the safety awareness of minors and their parents, shibei district procuratorate third prosecutor in the center of the family education guidance to the procuratorial department found in the process of the handling offence suspects and parents teach “the first lesson of school.In the course of teaching, the prosecutor first of all on the recent high incidence of single brush, loans, online shopping fraud and be cheated of a large amount of “kill pig dish” to focus on the explanation, combined with the characteristics of fraud cases, warned you students and parents to improve the awareness of telecom network fraud, away from crime.Secondly, the juvenile and their parents should strictly abide by laws and regulations, obey supervision and cooperate with help, education and correction during the conditional non-prosecution investigation period.Parents should seriously assume the responsibility of guardianship and education, urge the children to complete the conditional non-prosecution investigation and help and teach content, put an end to bad and illegal and criminal behavior.