Quanzhou: Spring Festival “not closed” enterprises busy production

2022-05-04 0 By

Quanzhou Evening News · Quanzhou pass client On February 8 (Quanzhou Evening News reporter Wu Zhiming Zhang Xiaoming correspondent Wang Jinshan Liao Xiaojuan Lin Xiaoyan) The Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, Quanzhou city many enterprises to “start to speed up, start to compete first” attitude of struggle, do not stop work, do not stop production, New Year’s day, striving for a good start.Companies are also handing out gift packages, red envelopes and subsidies to keep employees on the job.Keep busy mode Spell out the start work Annual people, festival atmosphere has not dispersed, fujian crystal Ann photoelectric co., LTD., a graphical sapphire substrate (PSS) within the workshop, already each post staff wearing different colors of clean clothes in the machine before busy, automated machines also in orderly operation.Xu Yixiang, director of the company’s PSS production department, said that during the Spring Festival, all departments were basically operating at full capacity, with a total of 870 employees on duty.”During the Spring Festival, our production capacity remains the same as usual. In terms of staff, some auxiliary units will have a rest. If some local staff need a rest, we will find temporary workers to replace them, so as to meet the number of people needed for the normal operation of the whole enterprise.”In addition to Jing ‘an photoelectric, Fujian Zhongke Biological Co., Ltd. is also busy.In the vegetable production and packaging workshop, fresh vegetables after workers cut root, weighing, packaging, were transported to the side of the ice storage, waiting for the next morning to be sent to the people’s table.The company’s pilot base deputy manager Pei Binggui introduced that vegetables are people’s livelihood products, in order to ensure a sustainable and stable supply, the company does not stop work during the Spring Festival, there are more than 130 employees stick to their posts, an average of 5,000 packages of vegetables a day, mainly sold to quanzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen direction of the supermarket, hotel.At 8 o ‘clock on the morning of the third day of the New Year, Lin Xiaoliang, head of the power generation department of Jinjiang Natural Gas Power Generation Co., LTD., arrived on time.He came to the central control room, closely staring at the big screen, steam turbine pressure value and cooling water temperature, oil pressure and other monitoring data are the health indicators of the unit, some small fluctuations may affect the safe and stable operation of the unit, must be paid attention to 24 hours.”The more holidays come, the more responsibility we have to protect electricity.”Lin xiaoliang says he hasn’t been back to his hometown in Ningde for the Spring Festival in eight years.During the Spring Festival, the company has more than 80 employees who stick to their posts like him.Located in jinjiang zhongqiao Sports Co., Ltd. shoe production workshop, during the Spring Festival, three production lines busy running, racing against time to catch production, catch orders.It is reported that a total of 348 employees of the company chose to stay in spring for the Spring Festival this year, starting from the fourth day of the New Year, they returned to the production line.”Before the holiday, we have prepared the production materials required by each position every day to ensure the smooth operation of the holiday production.”Company shoes business center production workshop director Chen Yueying said.Package to provide on-the-job handouts It is understood that for employees at work during the Spring Festival, crystal photoelectric co., LTD pay 3 times the overtime pay in accordance with the law, and distribute the festival bonus and package, dining room to provide family reunion dinner and holiday free high, eat the food of the first grade work staff and another New Year red envelopes, January on-the-job personnel give steady post prize.”Do not stop work, do not stop production on schedule to complete the production tasks arranged by the company, for the New Year market off and product market share has important strategic significance, played an important role.””Xu said.”We are a people’s livelihood product company and must ensure the continuous supply of people’s livelihood products,” said Pei Binggui, deputy manager of Fujian Zhongke Biological Co.During the Spring Festival, we arrange employees to work reasonably according to orders, and those who stick to their posts are given big gifts and red envelopes.”Before the Spring Festival, Fujian Baihong Group issued a written proposal to its employees, advocating that migrant workers celebrate the Spring Festival in place, and at the same time issued relevant welfare policies.The group did not stop work during the Spring Festival, and each employee on duty was given a cash red envelope of 200 yuan for the “New Year’s Eve dinner”.For employees on duty during the Spring Festival, the group also provides an on-duty subsidy of 800 to 1,000 yuan.”This year, in addition to the legal salary of many times during the Spring Festival holiday, there are additional subsidies for stable posts and red envelopes in cash for New Year’s Eve dinner provided by the company, which not only provide real subsidies, but also feel the care and warmth of the company.”Old ge from Heilongjiang has been working in Baihong for more than ten years, has been staying in the factory for several years.