Raid shelves!Brand new “Valentine’s Day” joint leak!I found the shoes for my boyfriend!

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For so many years, I believe everyone is quite sophisticated in the choice of New Year’s shoes, but after valentine’s Day, how to choose shoes is simply send proposition!Some of the “Valentine’s Day sneakers” in the past two years have been ridiculously expensive, while some of the cheap ones don’t make it festive.Many gamers are crying out for a pair of Valentine’s Day themed sneakers that embody the ritual of the holiday, while also featuring gimmicks like co-branding and good looks.Recently, the brand new valentine’s Day shoes have been exposed, ready to debut!This year’s Valentine’s Day, Li Ning hand in hand with classic animation IP Disney, to create a new Li Ning X Disney co-branded lovers board shoes.Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other characters of the screen image has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and li Ning has repeatedly created joint shoes before.This wave of new joint name, not only meet the daily couple to wear, in the design also let Donald Duck image directly appear, white and red is the clever reduction of Mickey Mouse color.The first is a pair of white shoes emblazoned with the iconic Disney heart gesture, which embodies the concept of “bold expression of love”.Heel position in the design of leather material and car line details fusion, full sense of design.The side is embossed with the words “LOVE” and “LOVE” to highlight the texture.Full printed shoelaces also render the atmosphere of valentine’s Day, shoe tongue pixel wind heart pattern, play the finishing touch effect.The second pair is a more pure little white shoe style, pure white leather material with blue details on the body.Ice blue crystal outsole in addition to bring a refreshing visual effect, translucent effect can also see the color of Donald Duck against the background of the inside image.Blue checkerboard shoelaces and a Donald Duck theme were used for the men, while Daisy and pink were used for the women.Special rubber shoelace buckle, decorated with Donald Duck, to highlight the co-signer’s identity.The third looks like a classic Donald Duck image that transforms the pure white shoe body into a canvas with graffiti style in the middle of the shoe.Large areas of white and blue are applied, and yellow makeup points are used in the heel part to restore the main color matching on Donald Duck.With “HI THERE!!” on the midsole.The words, rich in tong Qu at the same time, but also the street graffiti general effect.The unique detail is that Donald Duck’s head is on the tongue of both feet.At the same time, the matching color of the lovers style is the same as the second style, from the side graffiti to the shoe tongue image, are changed to Daisy.The last one is xiaobian today most want to show you amway color.Not only will the joint theme is well reflected, but also in the details of the direct pull full.On the basis of small white shoes, each part of the upper is covered with different graffiti style words and patterns, forming another full printing style.At the same time, the inside and outside of the shoe body are not the same graffiti, the formation of yuanyang coquettish color.Left and right foot shoe tongue label also presented li Ning LOGO and Donald Duck image, showing the noble identity of the joint name.02 science and technology with good feet and good wear Li Ning this wave of new shoes, under the support of the co-name halo, and the sweet atmosphere of “Valentine’s Day”.The more key is the price, xiaobian looked at the basic men and women’s hand price only a few hundred pieces, once bought a pair of shoes, now easily arranged into a couple of shoes.The effect of the upper foot as a large area of white as the main tone, how to wear the small white shoe attributes are not overturned.As the midsole is equipped with Ling-yun technology, the upper foot can directly feel the softness and feedback from Ling-yun.Full print doodle money collocation contracted pure color trousers, it is to do not violate the feeling actually.On the contrary, it can well highlight the strong sense of street, and show the way of wearing personality.The last is full print this one, large area red symbolizes sweet love.In addition to the shoes, there is also a line of Li Ning Valentine’s Day themed clothing.The collection includes a variety of short sleeves, hoodies and hoodies, all themed for Valentine’s Day.Color is also very versatile, even if the Valentine’s Day can still be worn to provide a lot of inspiration!At present, the whole series of Li Ning X Disney co-branded shoes and valentine’s Day themed clothes have landed in Li shop, small program.Many of them have a hand price of only a few hundred yuan, the price is really a surprise!