Wang Huan: Protect the lights of thousands of families, I have a small contribution

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Early on the second day of the New Year, Wang Huan checked every pipe, valve and relevant data according to the workflow.Wang Huan, 35 years old, is the main charge of thermal control maintenance of Ningxia Electric Power Yuanyang Lake Company. This is her third consecutive Spring Festival duty.As a maintenance staff, Wang Huan is responsible for eliminating equipment defects and ensuring the safe and stable operation of the unit.”Guard the lights of thousands of families, do a good job of power supply, I have a small contribution.”Yuanyang Lake power Plant is a large installed power plant in Ningxia, and also one of the main power plants to transmit power from west to east in Ningxia.In order to ensure power supply, during the festival, the company arranged nearly 300 people on duty every day, in different positions to contribute to the power supply.Wang Huan is repairing the equipment.Wang Huan graduated from college in 2009 and became an employee of Ningxia Electric Power Yuanyang Lake Company through campus recruitment.Now, 13 years later, she still remembers the past.”When I first came here, the foundation was just dug here, and WHEN I saw this scene, I cried.”Wang Huan said his first thought was, “I want to go home.”Now, during Spring Festival, she also wants to go home, but she has to stick to her post because of her job responsibilities.”I stuck with it because I wanted to prove myself and love what I do.”Wang huan said that through her own adjustment, her parents’ encouragement and her colleagues’ care, she liked the place.Through hard work, Wang Huan became a front-line responsible employee of the company and settled down in Ningxia.”I am proud of my colleagues who built such a big power plant on a barren beach in Ningdong.However, happiness is earned by hard work, and our generation should better pass on the spirit of struggle.”The Year of the Tiger has arrived, Wang Huan said his New Year’s wish, hope family healthy, work to improve technology, energy supply, rest assured that I have.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: