129 square meters design is quite bold, 4 small rooms to change the two large suites, curved wall more look more love

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If you own a house, will you opt for traditional decor or go for something bold and innovative?Today I found a unique 129-square-meter house.Because householder husband and wife are stylist, undertook very bold innovation on the house decoration so.Make it arc afresh between the metope of the room, make 4 little rooms tear open two big flatlet to make give priority to lie and children room, good-looking already have dimensional feeling.Let’s take a look at how this house is designed.Take the door after the design before the design, see the eat hutch area that designs semicircular.Eat hutch an organic whole, save space, female house advocate can edge cook edge and family people chat.In the kitchen, an island platform is designed to separate the washing area, preparation area and cooking area, which is clean and hygienic.Kitchen appliances such as ovens are embedded in lockers, reducing the use of floor space.Besides store content ark outside, island operating stage also make it store content space, can put a few tableware to wait.Another side uses arc partition to break up the space, make it receive ark.The sitting room uses soft bag sofa, small tea table and store content ark, household puts little, reduce the use of the space as far as possible.Metope design stores content frame, put small adornment and plant.The balcony was designed to open mode, good daylighting.Put on the balcony green plant, sit on deck chair, bask in the sun, do not enjoy too simply.Because metope was designed arc, go up in the choice of curtain and door shade, also chose arc likewise.Go to the bedroom. Why are there two doors to each bedroom?Walking into the bedroom, the door is used to divide the area.The partition that the head of a bed designs arc, divided a space, put balance in the board of partition a side, can act as desk.The bedside table is designed to hang on the partition, which is easy to clean and does not take up space.Two rows of wardrobes are designed on both sides of the room to greatly enhance the storage space.Children room also is double door design likewise, rely on window a side to be in the home two children place small bed and head of a bed small table, lovely do not cover an area of land again, the mobile space of children greatens.Position of the head of a bed was designed to store content wearing, can put a few books, also rose to differentiate the child respective sleeping area.Chest of two sides metope designs and embedded desk, use a space reasonable, had study space again.Toilet area, sit then area, bath area is divided reasonably.Use wall type closestool, go to the lavatory daily clean, the metope after closestool does built-in store content space, can put things for a few towel, wash gargle.Wash oneself area designs wash one’s hands pool along metope, do not occupy a space very beautiful also.There are 1000 Hamerite in the heart of 1000 individual, the design idea of each person is different to the home, resemble the owner of this period, the design that pursues his ideal, idea is novel and bold.