Be in awe

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To be in awe, to be able to keep the principle of life;To have a desire, to be able to manage their own actions from the heart.Wanton evil, do not understand cause and effect, “ignorant fearless”;Always have to be forced by others to complete things, is not aware of the meaning of their own doing this thing, no motivation in the heart.The place of the heart is everyone’s belief, not necessarily religion, but people must have reliable and trusted objects, such as the Confucian “benevolence”.For example, as the saying goes, “Man is doing, and heaven is watching”, the awe of “heaven” represents the inner hope and confidence in truth and morality.Faith, faith to look up to.Be convinced that there is a way, that there is reverence, that there is hope, and that you are not trapped in your own limited wisdom and knowledge to doubt everything.There is a basic faith in the ways of the sages, which needs to be learned, understood and practiced, and then this faith can be transformed into wisdom with sufficient strong and steadfast power to guide one’s life.No matter what kind of person, is the desire to pursue happiness, the more experience of hone, the more should know what is true happiness.Is it luck or misfortune to lose awe of everything, to lose faith, and to be moved by nothing?Mature or sad?Is it pleasure or pain?Think quietly, review life, ask yourself, you can know!