Does the villa basement decoration need to be waterproof?

2022-05-05 0 By

Basement villa renovation to make full use of the need to pay attention to the waterproof moisture-proof performance, position in a negative on the first floor, basement hidden ventilated effect is poor, air humidity is big, especially guiyang more rain in spring and summer, the basement is very damp, metope decorate material are easily affected by the moisture from the ground, a material mold damage, so, waterproof basement of guiyang villa decorates need to do?Villa decoration it is necessary to do waterproof basement, ground the negative a layer close to the soil layer, the water vapor are heavier can directly infiltrate into indoor ground and metope, whether it is ceramic tile or ceramic shell is closely related to space too wet powder, waterproof, moisture-proof, waterproof if do bad, there seems little point in moisture-proof, so, the basement waterproof and how to do.(1) exterior wall waterproof, exterior wall waterproof is generally done in advance by developers, but villa mansions involve civil engineering, basement waterproof exterior wall to use advanced waterproof materials, before decoration must check whether the wall is leaking.(2) internal wall waterproof, before decoration to do a waterproof treatment of the indoor ground wall, after the inspection of the decoration.(3) isolation treatment, in the groove wiring or installation of the keel wall new single brick wall isolation, the ground poured a layer of concrete, the purpose is to prevent the decoration of the keel and wiring groove damage waterproof layer.