During Putin’s visit to China, the US media have been hyping up china-Russia cooperation and targeting the lifeblood of Russia’s economy

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Days have passed since the much-anticipated Winter Olympics, Beijing’s second Olympic event after the 2008 Games.As the first double-Olympics city in the world, Beijing has fully demonstrated the essence of the Olympic spirit, and also fully demonstrated the bearing and spirit that China should have as a great power.In addition to the presence of international athletes and officials at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the appearance of Russian President Vladimir Putin also drew cheers from the people of both countries.In addition to attending the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, during Putin’s visit to China, relevant departments and enterprises of China and Russia also signed 15 cooperation documents, which announced to the outside world that china-Russia relations have been further strengthened.During Putin’s visit to China, the US media kept hyping up china-Russia cooperation, but the US felt uncomfortable about such a situation.In their reports, the US media deliberately tried to drive a wedge between Russia and China by implying that China could not play a role in Russia’s economic development.U.S. media first mentioned in the report, the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine is still not eased, still in tension, and Moscow is relatively calm, mainly for fear of “affecting the Beijing Winter Olympics.”As a matter of fact, we have seen similar reports in the American media for a long time.Even though Russia has stressed many times before that there is no idea of “invading Ukraine”, the whole West is still in a state of panic and worry under the hype and exaggeration of the Western media, especially after Putin officially arrived in Beijing, the world is also highly concerned about the development of China and Russia.Us eyeing Russia’s economic lifeline?U.S. media believe that Putin’s visit to China and participation in the Beijing Winter Olympics is to avoid suffering greater losses when the West is jointly imposing sanctions on him.The US media is firmly convinced that any “invasion” of Ukraine by Russia will be met with strong western sanctions, some of which will include trade sanctions.In addition, from the actual situation of Russia, the Russian economy is relatively single and mainly depends on energy export, so the sanctions in the energy field are the weakness that Russia can hardly bear, which is equivalent to strangling the economic lifeline of Russia.What’s more, Europe is already a big customer for Russia.For example, Russia and Germany reached the “Nord Stream 2” energy project, on a period of time made a lot of noise.The original progress of the project is constantly blocked because of the intervention of the United States and western countries, and finally completed the construction, and in the certification process in trouble, which also makes Russia vexed.Therefore, the US media believe that China is one of the few partners Russia can seize in the energy field, and because of China, Russia does not have to worry too much about the sanctions imposed by the US and the West in the future.Some references: overseas network, China news network, National Defense Times