“Health science popularization” New Year how to do, ability eat not fat

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As the saying goes, every festival fat three catties, how to fully enjoy food in the New Year, without fat trouble?That’s what most beauty lovers think.Here’s a look at some festive food DOS and don ‘ts!Brown rice or other coarse grains can be added to 1/3 of the staple food. Coarse fiber staple food has a stronger sense of satiety, is more resistant to hunger, and makes blood sugar more stable.And fluctuations in blood sugar are the motivation to eat.Want to prevent get fat, decelerate take food speed even, choose the food that needs to chew ability to swallow with tooth more as far as possible, be like vegetable, fungus mushroom kind of food, quantity of heat is low delicious, ate much also do not worry quantity of heat heighten.In the festival delicious meat is essential, a careless may eat more, or try to choose a low number of hot calorie bar!Red meats like pigs, cows, and sheep almost always promote weight gain. Try skinless chicken and soy products instead of red meat in dumplings to reduce your calorie intake.And milk, yogurt and other dairy products can help lose weight, you can eat enough, protein if you do not eat enough, under normal circumstances will eat more white rice, white steamed bread and other refined staple food easy to gain weight.If you can’t limit the food at the moment, cut back on the main course accordingly.Want to eat, and do not want to get fat, teach you a small trick, can take the initiative to choose difficult to chew food, such as duck head, crab, shrimp legs, fish head or tail, patiently pick fish bone, slowly spit bones, eat long and delicious, the heat is not high.Try not to eat all kinds of snacks after dinner, especially sweet and fragrant cakes, nuts, delicious and high calories, the key is not to stop.Drink delicious, choice is important For Chinese New Year, toast to celebrate, and some drinks to add to the fun.How to choose a drink?Try to choose sugar-free or low-sugar, low-calorie drinks, and learn to read labels and count calories.Drinking also should be right amount, because alcohol also produces quantity of heat, like 100 milliliter beer has 43 kilocalories quantity of heat, 100 milliliter of 49.6 degrees liquor has 298 kilocalories, imperceptible in quantity of heat absorbs exceed bid.Eat to order is very important to drink a bowl of soup before eating, restrain can’t wait to eat enthusiasm, and then try to eat vegetables at the bottom, and then eat meat, finally eat rice, slow down digestion, reduce blood sugar fluctuations, reduce eating desire, naturally control the intake of heat.Regular quantity is very important to develop a good habit of work and rest, try to do a set time to eat, so that the biological clock to develop a regular, to avoid hunger outside the fixed time.Chinese New Year is not affected by working hours, so the regular work and rest will be disrupted. If you can’t make three meals, you can try to change breakfast to 10-11 PM and dinner to 5-6 PM, so as to avoid late dinner time.Finally, after dinner, don’t forget to exercise, take a walk with your family and friends, or play a ball or run together, consume excess calories, eat dynamic balance, and have a healthy and beautiful Spring Festival.Reference: Chinese Nutrition Society.Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2016)[M]. Beijing: People’s Medical Publishing House, 2016.Author: Ma Yahong, Deputy chief nurse, registered nutrition technician.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn