People in Shenzhen spent a whole day in the rain doing nucleic acid

2022-05-05 0 By

In recent days, Shenzhen has been busy with nucleic acid testing every day from New Year’s Eve to the seventh day of the infection cases have more than 10 cases according to the news that Shenzhen imported a case of guangxi led to the preliminary confirmation of 99 cases in Guangxi has spread rapidlyHave to prevent other places from shiyan street back in the hometown for several days to do nucleic acid in order to the safety of society and family must go to do nucleic acid now many places in Shenzhen need 24, 48 hours of nucleic acid testing before allowed to enter the hard nucleic acid testing workers today, the seventh day of Guangdong Shan-li rain, Shenzhen is very coldHowever, it is not easy for these lovely people to catch a cold all day long. You have worked hard, great medical workers, you have made great contributions to Shenzhen, and you have protected everyone’s life and safety. We will pay attention to hygiene and wear masks carefullyThe state should provide you with better treatment so that your efforts are proportional to your benefits. You are all heroes of our time and heroes should be remembered by all. Thank you