The junior sister sent the seafood

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Before the Spring Festival, my younger sister Sun asked me for my address. I knew what she meant, so I didn’t tell her.After the festival, she got the address from elsewhere and sent sea cucumber and abalone.It made me feel guilty.This young teacher sister is the same school, the same department, the same town, but also a friend.In those days, WHEN I was just a little help, she never forgot.That year, she came to her house and gave me two bottles of Changyu wine.Afterwards, she said, more than 1000 bottles, give you two drinks, how to give others?I said, I don’t drink.In my eyes, There is no difference between Maotai and Laobaigan.From then on, whenever she gave me a gift, she told me to enjoy it myself.That year, she gave me a box of caterpillar fungus.Emphasize to me how nutritious it is, let’s fill up our bodies.I didn’t give it away this time, but I don’t know how to eat it.It’s in the freezer in the freezer.A year later, she asked me if I had eaten.I answered truthfully, no, I won’t.She immediately told me how to cook it.As a result, I opened it and saw that all the insects had become powder.It made both of us feel bad for a while.This time, the little sister accepted the lessons of the last two times, told me in detail, to immediately freeze up, when to eat when to open.Don’t put it in the freezer. It melts. It goes bad.It’s like telling an old friend.I was moved to hear it.How many people have I helped in my life?But no one is always thinking of returning the favor like this little schoolgirl.As I mentioned many times, we are such good friends that it is natural to help.In life, who hasn’t asked for help?Appropriate expression is ok, do not always take it to heart.But she always said dripping of grace, when yongquan phase reported.Once, I gave her a piece of celebrity calligraphy in return.I had it framed just for her.But she quietly sent someone to bring me back: the gift is too heavy to bear.I feel like I can’t repay you.Such people are few and far between nowadays!I believe that the gentleman does not favor, but the little sister is not reported to know the gentleman.We two “gentleman” meet, have a good friendship story.But I really wish this little girl would put that little thing behind her and stop worrying about it.