War is not for everyone!A surprising revelation from Ukrainian residents: The United States is up to no good

2022-05-05 0 By

According to huanqiu.net on February 11, Ukrainian Defense Minister Reznikov posted on social media that the 9th and 10th batches of military supplies from the United States have arrived in Ukraine, and it is reported that the ninth batch of military supplies alone amounts to more than 80 tons.It is not hard to see that the United States has sent weapons to Ukraine many times to “fan the flames”, now the situation between Russia and Ukraine continues to be tense, war is likely to break out.Many Ukrainians are worried about the continued flow of weapons from the West, which they believe will only push their country towards war.In fact, since the end of last year, western countries led by the United States have been constantly playing up the risk of war between Russia and Ukraine. NATO has been continuously strengthening its military presence in central and eastern Europe, and the intensity of military deployment has refreshed the recognition of all countries in the world.Despite Ukraine’s delay in joining NATO, western military aid has never been cut off.Against such a grim backdrop, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova was forced to say that if the United States and NATO were willing to stop supplying Ukraine with weapons and personnel for military training, then tensions between Russia and Ukraine could be eased.Large-scale deployment of the United States and NATO are actually in the so-called “supposed” threats as an excuse, even many western scholars have said publicly that decades of various there won’t be much of a lie to the American government “credit reserve” almost exhausted, biden now government’s adherence to unfounded speculation situation in Ukraine, gloom.In a recent interview with the press, Biden made it clear that americans currently in Ukraine had better leave immediately!Because tensions between The United States and Russia are already boiling over, if American and Russian forces exchange fire, a new world war will be on the horizon, and the U.S. government will not be able to send troops to rescue American citizens fleeing Ukraine.While many media outlets have been hyping the threat of a full-scale Russian military “invasion” of Ukraine, a close analysis of recent statements by Senior Russian officials shows that Russia does not want to use force to solve the problem because it would have to pay a very high price.Joe biden, the government is so keen to render Ukraine “on war”, mainly to turnaround in this year’s mid-term elections, to help attract more democratic voters, at the same time also for nord stream will not delivered – 2 natural gas pipeline project completely killed in the bud, after all, only such ability avoid Germany and Russia closer,But the final outcome depends on how Russia and Ukraine choose.