With the women’s singles gold medal in hand and the women’s doubles gold medal in mind, the queen of bobsleigh is back

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The 36-year-old took a deep breath as American Klie Humphries, with her long blond hair and muscular body, pushed out in a pair of cropped trousers to prove she was still king of women’s bobsleigh.On the final run of the women’s moguls at the Snow Dragon yesterday, Humphries got her wish, clocking a lap of 1:05.30 to ensure she won the first gold medal in women’s moguls at the Winter Olympics with a total of 4:19.27.Chinese players Huai Mingming and Ying Qing ranked 6th and 9th respectively.Humphries is the queen of snowmobiles.She is the most accomplished female bobsledder in Winter Olympic history, winning two gold MEDALS in vancouver in 2010 and Sochi in 2014, a bronze medal in Pyeongchang in 2018 and five world championships.Of its 54 World Cup MEDALS, 27 are gold!The women’s single bobsled race held yesterday was the first event of the Winter Olympics.Humphries dominated the field, establishing a huge lead in the first round and ending Germany’s gold medal monopoly on the Snow Dragon course.In the eyes of the individual athlete, the women’s duet bobsled gold medal will be decided on February 19, she also “booked” in advance.Humphries kisses his gold medal on the podium after winning it.”I know you’re all worried that I put lipstick on my gold medal, but IT’s not there because I wear permanent lipstick.I just want to kiss my gold medal before anyone else comes up and touches it.”Humphrys said he was not surprised by the comfortable margin of victory.”Because that’s my race style, there may be racers who like a competitive race, but I try to do my best on each slide and try to get as far ahead as possible because it gives me comfort and excitement.Starting last means you have to do better than the people in front of you, and the results of your opponents will push you to the limit.”Next, she will compete in the women’s duet bobsled with her teammates.Looking ahead to the pairs event, Humphries said: “It’s a new challenge for me but also a great opportunity to get a second gold medal and I’m really excited.At the same time, I will stay strong and courageous, because no one knows the final result.I need to put one foot in front of the other, take every step, do the best I can and keep my fingers crossed.”Humphries has been linked to many of the records and histories of women’s bobsleigh over the past decade, carrying her from one success to the next with her grit and ambition.In 2021, Humphries won gold MEDALS in women’s singles and women’s doubles at the World Bobsleigh Championships in Altenberg, Germany, setting a new world championships hardware record.She previously won the title in 2012, 2013 and 2020.Humphrys attributed her success to focus, saying: “It’s important to put all your energy into paying attention to detail and striving for perfection.”Of course, every athlete’s road to success is never smooth.Ms. Humphries had previously been the no. 1 force on the Canadian snow team, where she won two Olympic gold MEDALS in 15 years.However, she accused her coach of emotional abuse and withdrew from the team after the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.Earlier this season, she successfully switched membership to qualify to represent the United States in international competition.Source: Beijing Evening News reporter Wang Yangwen and Guan Xin photo process editor: U022