Zheng Sixiao: the soilless orchid, the hometown of the xin

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The world know Zheng Sixiao, mostly because he painted orchids fantastic, dew root but not soil, extremely natural and pure posture, since ancient times only this one.However, the rootless orchid is not born into a void, but its native land no longer exists.After zheng Sixiao’s stone carving in Suzhou “Jingkang’s Difficulty”, zhao Song, who had been living peacefully for more than 150 years, finally came to a complete end after Lu Xiu-fu carried emperor Shao through the sea and died.At that time, the Mongolian iron cavalry was invincible. Despite the resistance of the army and people of the Southern Song Dynasty, the mighty Mongol Great Khan died in anger under the City of Fishing, but it was not enough to shake the conclusion formed under the huge strength gap.To be sure, it is inevitable that the decadent and backward old regime should be replaced by a more advanced and powerful new regime in a unified manner, but this is never the process of peaceful evolution. People’s lives will be destroyed and their families destroyed in war and chaos, and even after war, it may not be the well-being of everyone.The Scholars and literati of the Han people in the south of the Yangtze River were in a very low position in the Yuan Dynasty, but in the Southern Song Dynasty, even the emperor could not easily bully and kill them.Status determines the treatment, xixia jiangnan buddhist monks Yang Lian I ng the labor management affairs, but have a hobby of grave robbery, using his position to excavating the southern song dynasty shaoxing publicly the mausoleum of hadrian, not only to killing civilians, the mausoleum is wanton looting treasure, will also be the song dynasty emperor dumped wilderness, of which the Confucian’s head was cut off, and made the skull goblets,By the hand of the emperor’s master, Bhaba, it was finally given to Kublai Khan.South the Confucian ZongLing old shadow (figure from the atlas of China places of historic interest during the period of the republic of China in late qing dynasty) in shaoxing people Tang Jue for song dynasty emperor to burial remains, arrives, gather up the fellow, through the night with light resin country remains unknown for the song dynasty emperor bodies, with a wooden coffin, with yellow silk as the sac, buried the song dynasty emperor in lanting, and rooted in Holly as a tag.Yang Lian zhen Jia did not suffer any punishment, but later yuan Dynasty prime minister Sangge was killed for cliquing, just let him implicated.Zheng Sixiao’s hatred of Meng Yuan comes directly from his loyalty and love of Zhao Song.Like Tang Jue die also is able to rest, to make the song emperor Zheng Sixiao divided thoughts and a shrine, neither due to the time change and change, don’t because of time and fade, more not afraid coerced, therefore, his works began to draw a unique “Lou LAN”, to the net to pure gesture, by extreme hot and sincere feelings sublimation.Yi weng Zheng Sixiao name, word, the south, bedroom for “the hole world”, after all up in the song dynasty wu, before this name is unknown, may be the southern song dynasty is not short, a very long time and times change, shuddering, various but still stored are not uncommon, but whether it is also possible, Zheng Sixiao after the song dynasty wu, to erase the previous part of the path in life,Replace it with a stronger determination and performance – the rest of my life as the most loyal followers of zhao song.”Thinking of xiao” is a part of the character “Zhao (zhao)”, which naturally means missing Zhao and Song;Recall weng, recall song also;Suonan refers to the south, because the Southern Song dynasty was located in the South of the Yangtze River, corresponding to the Yuan Dynasty from the north.The “ten” character of “Ben” is placed in the word “xue”, and the word “Song” is obtained. The south is the place, the Song is the place, inside and outside, in all aspects, all try to carve the proof of loyalty to the Southern Song.In fact, zheng Sixiao’s family was neither successful nor dignitaries in the Southern Song Dynasty, but this did not hurt Zheng sixiao’s loyalty to the Southern Song Dynasty, because as long as he could remember, his parents’ words and deeds were enough to make him unforgettable.Zheng Sixiao’s father, Zheng Qi, styled Shuqi, also known as Jushan, never took office all his life. He took teaching as his profession, was upright and disliked as a enemy. Zheng Sixiao also recalled and praised his father’s personality and temperament in his works for many times: “My father’s breath is like the burning sun, and the autumn frost is strict;It is like fine gold and pure jade.”At the age of 14, Zheng Sixiao moved to Suzhou from Lin ‘an with his father.Eighteen years old, the Mongolian army attacked the Jin Dynasty, overwhelming, three road army south straight to Lin ‘an, but the flow of power traitor Jia Sidao control of the political power, Kings and ministers sink myanmar wine, to the danger of military situation.When Zheng Qi died at the age of 22, his mother told him every day: “The only law is to learn from your father. If you do not follow your father’s advice, you would rather die.”Zheng Sixiao imprint is engraved on my heart, set a lifelong oath: “I Ming parents teach in the lingtai, in life all born, and die all dead, and do not forget also.The sky is high and the earth is underground, the sun is shining and the moon is here, above a mortal pitch.”The fierce words are rather shocking, but this is that Zheng Sixiao’s family to patriotic loyalty and integrity than life is also heavy, because of this, a cloth zheng Qi dare to rebuke the prime minister, and vowed to take his father as an example of Zheng Sixiao, the rest of his life is doomed to be impossible to be weak commonplaces, drift with the crowd.At the end of the year, the Yuan army launched a final strong attack on Lin ‘an from zhenjiang soldiers in three ways. Bo Yan led the Yuan army to attack the city of Suzhou where Zheng Sixiao lived. Under the burning, killing and looting, a prosperous city of thousands of years fell into hell.In the second year of Deyou, Lin ‘an was finally invaded by the Yuan army, which was the last moment of the southern Song Dynasty’s collapse. Zheng Sixiao was heartbroken, but “his strength was not stronger than courage, and he was weeping in vain” — he had neither the strength to kill the enemy nor the magic strategy to turn the tide. How weak and faint was his cry under the great changes of the land and rivers.But do we have to do the right thing?Indeed, there is a saying that “he who knows what is going on is a hero”, but sacrificing his life for justice is always a gesture of a higher spirit and soul.Therefore, Zheng Sixiao became a lonely fighter under the new dynasty.He is not prepared to compromise with reality, even if “there are no speakers in the country”.After the dynasty change, more and more people obeyed and attached to the new dynasty, “Xin Xin from the northern custom, often abandoned the southern crown”, and even Zhao Meng ð ¯ ¯ also went up to the north saint, receiving kindness, which made Zheng SixiaoIt was this time for zhao Meng to go up to the yuan Court, and Zheng Sixiao decided to go off with it. Later, “Zi Ang went up to wait for it, but finally went down to go up and sighThis is a tribute to Tao Yuanming, who went up to write the title yixi after the fall of the Jin Dynasty. Zheng Sixiao, who went up to write a poem only for shu De You, refused to recognize the integrity of the Yuan dynasty all his life, even under extreme hatred, grief, he emerged as a major depression cognitive disorder, spirit is self-defeating, convinced that “lush has good gas, han’s son of heaven will be zte’s”, and the emperors of song dynasty was “my pilgrimage to the kernel, such as day calendar year of three hundred a day, obviously, he can’t correctly understanding the cause of the rise of the southern song dynasty destruction and the yuan dynasty,The psychological defense mechanism produced under great adversity aggravates such “symptoms”, constantly sublimate beautify the past, attack negate the reality, only in this way in order to breathe a little in the great mental pain, and then live.But this pain is not a day after day of useless tears, not repeated long hissing, howling maniacal, although he can not fight or give advice, but he has a pen, as long as a writer does not give up, will never lose the weapon of the edge.He spent the rest of his life painstakingly, painting Mo-lan and writing The History of Mind, complaining about the last adherence of the southern Song People.Tao Yuanming loved chrysanthemum all his life, and Zheng Sixiao’s father Zheng Qi took “Chrysanthemum Mountain” as his name. Zheng Sixiao loved and painted orchid. After the death of the Song Dynasty, his “Lugen Orchid” is the best portrayal of his personality.Very few of Zheng Sixiao’s paintings exist in the world, the only reliable authentic painting “Mo LAN Tu”, but it has shown its true colors.The southern song dynasty Zheng Sixiao “autumn orchid figure” Yale university art museum moran to slant thick ink painting is, number of orchid leaf, two orchids, opened a close, flower under soilless, seems to have if have no root, stroke is extremely concise, yet full of strength, pointed tail blades as si pen calligraphy in the mainlanders, and like a sharp and firm blade, is Zheng Sixiao for the world’s most decisive answer.According to the picture, he was already 65 years old at this time, 27 years after the southern Song dynasty fell. This time is not short enough for most people to get used to being a follower of the new Dynasty, but zheng Sixiao’s will and scar could not be erased, just like the orchid in his heart, “He is a pure gentleman, and there is no villain.Deep in the mountains, with the day as spring “, not with secular congenial, in the inaccessible mountains to pure to clean blooming, filling heaven and earth with fragrance.And this fragrance is also zheng Sixiao’s thoughts on the Southern Song Dynasty — “the fragrance of a country, the ruin of a country.With King Bi Huai in mind, chu will have light “.However, qu Yuan was detained by the state of Qin when he made an alliance with the King of Qin zhaoxiang in Wuguan. He would rather die than surrender to qin’s imperious power and betray his country to survive. After his death, He finally returned to Chu, “the Chu people all pity him, just like a sad relative”.Zheng Sixiao loved orchid and missed his homeland. He would rather die than let the orchid he painted fall into the hands of the powerful and powerful. Naturally, he would also have a similar fate in the long thousand years of history.Later Ni Zan saw this painting “Mo-Lan Tu”, took the hint, wrote: “The autumn wind orchid orchid into grass, the southern desolate gas has disappeared.Only the south heart does not change, tears and ink to write li SAO.”To admire his patriotic enthusiasm, a cavity die renegade Kings and princes, lofty ideals, despise the surrender of the weak and blessed with numerous poems recalling, he praised Su Wu thine only dream fly home with all her heart, the eyes see sheep “, but “drunk love song after zhuge table, born to shame read Li Lingshi”, because of surrender Li Lingbing defeated the huns, obviously than Su Wu shepherd’s unyielding character.Approved by him, of course, the most admired or the same age with him “to die” repeatedly zhong zhuang “scholar of prime minister wen tianxiang, he describes the detailed in the” prime minister wen xu “wen tianxiang the life and spirit of integrity, and in the preface to prime minister wen praise and high praise:” Sir Name, and the heavens and the earth, and the country, the infinite pole, history of the second also, or words to narrate the DE!”yuan Zheng Sixiao “moran figure” Japan Osaka city art collection in addition, there are “five loyal singing” the cry of general liu “OuYangMengGui loyal concubine soft biography” and so on, all the valiant ones surrender, when the change in the song Zheng Sixiao are ready to chanting songs biography for them, such as the contained OuYangMengGui loyal concubine, soft white OuYangMengGui concubine room soft after the widowed by basking forced remarriage conference semifinals Monsieur beaucaire,Rou rou vowed not to die from, hang himself, Zheng Sixiao not stingy praise: “De You traitor, bitch also;Soft and soft, ancient English wei man.”These works can be seen in Zheng Sixiao’s painstaking collection of poems and essays, The History of Mind.In fact, in feudal times, only historians can make history, Zheng Sixiao is not a historian, but before the subjugation of a student, but called his poems “mind history”, indeed usurping the norm.But Zheng Sixiao thinks, the world is disorderly, the imperial court already no longer has history officer to make history, and he heard that there is a traitor suggested Kublai Khan to repair “the whole history of the Great Song Dynasty”, he is more impossible to approbate, out of a righteous indignation, can only by him to write the history of mingzhi.Zheng Sixiao knew that the contents of The History of Mind were loyal to the Song dynasty and not to the Yuan Dynasty, so he sealed it with an iron letter after completion and sank it into the well of Chengtian Temple in Suzhou.Before he died, he asked his friend Tang Dongyu to write a memorial tablet for him: “Zheng Sixiao was disloyal and unfilial in the Song Dynasty.”In fact, as the vigil of Zhao song, in the face of the irreversible tide of The Times, he put his own strength into practice to adhere to the oath, even if the mountains and rivers did not recover, the world did not waver because of him, also enough to be called great.Perhaps he thought that with his body’s death, the History of the Mind would die with him.However, the Ming Chongzhen eleven winter, Chengtian Temple dredging dry well, but let tie Han “heart history” see the light of day.At that time, the Ming and Qing dynasties were changing. Compared with the Song and Yuan dynasties, the change was more tragic. Under the cruel law of “leaving hair without leaving hair, leaving hair without leaving hair”, the dignity and cultural survival of the Han literati and officials were destroyed more ruthlessly.At this time, the history of Heart reproduces the world, as if echoing each other’s fate, so that Gu Yanwu, Huang Zongxi and other people have mixed feelings., however, because the preservation and come out of the journal XinShi process is legendary, some of these records and official, many scholars questioned the book for the people in the Ming dynasty climacus pseudograph, produced a certain influence, it also makes many scholars “XinShi authenticity certainly to rumours, they believe that the XinShi contain genuine feeling, every word” is a kind of adherents have until the end of the century “, it can’t be fake.Gu Yanwu more “well center history song” said: “Qianxin remote well set iron letter, 100 baidan heart is not dead today.Suddenly see strange book out of the world, and surprised Hu Riding manjiangshan.God knows that the world will go back and forth, so I wrote this book.Hu Qi at this time, strange books see the light of day, is not god intended to let them see it?Zhu Da, a native of bada Mountain, also learned from Zheng Sixiao, painting ancient plums with their roots exposed: “In plum blossom painting, how can a monk pick osmerums?”Inches are not inches: “The apple is soggy and the bamboo is rootless.Want to see thousands of years later, fluorescent paper blood marks.”The pure fragrance in the Palace Museum, which comes from the motherland, has never been cut off between heaven and earth.References: Song Xingli “Zheng Sixiao painting poems research” He Yan “Southern Song Dynasty survivors Zheng Sixiao Aesthetic Thought research” Zhuo Hongyan “Zheng Sixiao Research” – full text – wechat group: scan the qr code below can be