A shares: back wash dish end!Focus on the four rebound plate after the festival!(list)

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A shares: substantial callback wash dish!Focus on the four rebound plate after the festival!(List) 1. Medical sector: this sector retraced 17.43% in January. Although it is already a weak sector, the range of the dip is deeper than other sectors.4. Semiconductor sector:A lot of people very infatuated with some graphics of semiconductor plate, and the thought of holding power of science and technology, high stocks to buying some semiconductor plates, and after the bedding bag to always give yourself some placebo in a dream, so-called long-term holding, but by semiconductor plate high monthly’s kill graphics, I just want to tell you, he will be in 6 ~ 8 months, let you pain.Until after 6 ~ 8 months, this section will have a decent rebound rally, remember, is only the rally, so if you have high graphics in this section, you must want to understand, or you in 2022 and 2023 was very pain, a lot of people always said they are long-term investors, are forced to prop quilt cover die,But the damage your mind can do to your body during carrying is irreversible, so be sure to consider it.3, new energy automobile plate: callback 10.71% in January, the plate with the plate of plate “lithium battery, car vehicle, pv, rare earth” sectors, such as overall callback stage at present, this plate in addition to the technical, but also pay attention to U.S. stocks tesla’s movements, tesla stabilized, this sector is likely to rebound;4, military plate: this plate in January back 17.57%, there are signs of accelerating the bottom, the current 5-day line and the annual line has formed a dead fork state, from the technical point of view, bears occupy a more obvious advantage, the new bottom will shock for a period of time to highlight;To Chinese New Year, send you some words worth thinking about attentively, why do you always value investment into the high point?Why do you always lose money in the short term?How well do you know your market?Investing in stocks, all roads lead to Rome, the market, mood, logic and so on things are very important, you think about how much?And what’s your model?Will it stand the test?Happy New Year to you all!# Stock market comment #