Ancient county public security traffic police into the countryside to carry out Spring Festival traffic safety propaganda

2022-05-06 0 By

In order to further improve the traffic safety awareness of the local people, effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, to ensure the safety, smooth and orderly road traffic during the Spring Festival.Recently, the ancient county public Security Bureau traffic police brigade police into the area of five ma village to carry out Spring Festival rural road traffic safety publicity activities.During the activity, the police took “Safe Spring Festival Travel, traffic police travel together” as the theme in view of the fact that farmers visit relatives and friends during the Spring Festival and travel frequently.To distribute the flyer as the breakthrough point, focus on rural masses on the behavior, the role of the villager group leader and strength, make full use of rural loudspeakers, with easy to understand and illustrated propaganda way, explained the overcrowding to villagers, overload, and drunk driving illegal ACTS harmful to the society, to remind the villagers must obey the traffic rules, civilization driving, travel security,Guide villagers to consciously resist all kinds of traffic violations, work together to create a safe Spring Festival transport.Through carrying out traffic safety publicity activities, not only created a strong Spring Festival traffic safety publicity atmosphere, so that the majority of rural people’s traffic safety awareness has been further enhanced, but also for the Spring Festival traffic safety management work to lay a good foundation.