Famous zhangjiakou Chongli County of Anti-Japanese War

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Chongli County is located in the northwest of Hebei Province, under the jurisdiction of Zhangjiakou City.The county seat is 37.6 kilometers away from downtown Zhangjiakou.The county borders Chicheng county in the east, Xuanhua County in the south, Zhangbei County in the west and north, Guyuan County in the northeast and Zhangjiakou city in the southwest.The territory is located in the deep mountainous area outside the city, the terrain is high in the northeast and low in the southwest.It covers an area of 2,334 square kilometers.At the end of 2009, the total population of 124,900 people, the county government resident xiwanzi town.History of revolution, years of struggle Chongli County has human habitation, living time earlier, but the time of county establishment is later.Zhangbei county before the construction of a part of the county.Established in 1934 Chongli administration bureau, 1936 bureau changed to county.During the War of Resistance against Japan to the War of liberation, many times with the surrounding counties joint construction.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, chahar province chahar North area;In 1952, it was assigned to Hebei Province, under the jurisdiction of Zhangjiakou District;In 1959 for Zhangjiakou Chongli District.1961 restore county system (in Xiwanzi), a zhangjiakou area;December 1967 for zhangjiakou area, 1993 to one of zhangjiakou city district county.Chongli County is an old revolutionary base area.In 1926, zhangjiakou district Executive Committee organized the establishment of the COMMUNIST Party of China gushi Village, Dongwanzi Agriculture and Forestry Experimental site and Xidianzi village branch, the secretary of the branch by Jia Rong, which is the first grassroots branch established by the Communist Party in chahar rural areas.The establishment of chahar peasant association and gushi Village, Dongwanzi Agriculture and forestry experimental field and Xidianzi village Party branch further strengthened the leadership of the Communist Party of Zhangjiakou and Chongli peasant movement, and laid a foundation for the future development of party organizations in Chongli.After the war of Resistance against Japan broke out in an all-round way, it became an anti-japanese base area.Along the Great Wall area, for the creation of the Communist Party of China longchongchi United County half of the country.Later, the southern part of the Anti – Japanese base area for Longchongxuan.During the eight years of Anti-Japanese War, chongli County played a role in the development of bashang-anti-japanese rear base and bridgehead.During the famous battles there are monkey Mountain battle, Xiwanzi battle, Xinying zi battle, Banshentu ambush battle and so on.The army, local authorities and the people all made great sacrifices in the arduous struggle against Japan.In 1942 alone, in the united County of Longchongchi, during the struggle against “mopping up” and “encroachment”, the platoon leader of the army company and the cadres of the local county and district were changed three times, and in some localities four times.As many as 28 cadres above party secretary, district head and squadron leader were killed.Pingbei guerrilla detachment two battalion leader, the Red Army when the long March rushed across the Dadu River one of the seventeen brave Xiong Shanglin, in this year died in the Stone zuizi grass ditch village.In September 1944, deng Dianlong of the old Red Army also died in Chongli in the battle of Xinyingzi.It is difficult to count the exact number of soldiers, local officials and people who died in Chongli during the war of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. History will always remember them.During the War of Liberation, Chongli was occupied by kuomintang troops.Chongli county party committee of the Communist Party of China led the whole county military and civilian with all kinds of destruction and subversion of the struggle, to defend the new democratic regime and heroic fight.In accordance with the instructions of “keeping districts and counties from each other”, all the soldiers and civilians in the county turned around the hills, fought guerrilla battles, caught secret agents, suppressed reactionary landlords and organized battles against the enemy in the countryside.At the same time with the main forces to launch operations against the enemy.Finally in October 1948, chongli county was liberated.In the great War of Resistance against Japan and the war of liberation, Chongli thousands of young people joined the army to serve the country, 60 thousand people with the enemy, support the front line, the development of production, wrote a moving music.