Gansu Spring Festival Silk Road ice travel hot: Cantilever Great Wall ski resort is among the top ten hot spots

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At the beginning of the New Year in 2022, people experience desert skiing in Dunhuang, Gansu Province.Lanzhou, February 8 (Yan Jiao) reporter learned from the Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism on The 8th, during the Spring Festival, the province’s “online + offline” organic integration of winter Olympic culture, snow and ice culture and traditional Chinese Spring Festival culture, snow and ice tourism products in the holiday highlights, the popularity of the snow field is thriving.Influenced by the Winter Olympics, snow and ice tourism during the Spring Festival has increased significantly, with many ski resorts across China welcoming a large number of tourists, according to a report on Spring Festival Travel in the Year of the Tiger 2022 released by Lvmama.According to the report, jiayuguan Cantilever Great Wall Four Seasons Ski Resort has become one of the top 10 scenic spots in China, and ticket bookings at the resort have increased significantly.Tourists visit tanchang County of Longnan City in Dangchang County, Northwest China’s Gansu Province, Feb. 5, 2018.In Gansu, where the ancient Silk Road runs through the whole territory, ski resorts such as Wuwei Wushaoling and Ta ‘er Bay, Lanzhou Longshan International Ski Resort and Xinglong Mountain ski Resort are popular.Among them, Lanzhou is making every effort to build a brand of winter tourism, turning “cold resources” into “hot industry”, and accelerating the construction of “an important destination of national winter and spring tourism”.Dingxi launched 10 ice and snow tourism projects of “Weihe Source Ice and Snow World” and “Tianjing Gorge Ice and Snow Cave”;Linxia launched six winter and spring tourism routes, such as ice and snow sports leisure tour and mountaineering snow sightseeing tour;Pingliang launched 10 winter and spring tourism routes, including the “White Mountain Blur winter Long Song” flying snow tour.During the holiday, Gansu received 7.5 million tourists, with a revenue of 4.2 billion yuan.Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism organized a series of brand culture and art and knowledge dissemination activities, such as winter Olympics knowledge exhibition, knowledge contest with prizes, knowledge popularization of ice and snow sports, online book recommendation and “Village night”.At the same time, with the theme of “Welcome winter Olympics · Enjoy Longyuan” as the main line, we continue to carry out “Winter Olympics: Spring Green Yumenguan”, overseas “Happy Spring Festival” online exhibition and exchange activities, 15 “2022 Spring Festival Holiday theme tourism routes”, etc., to meet the needs of the public for culture and tourism.Students warm up before the first class ski tournament held by Tsinghua Primary School at a ski resort in Lanzhou New District.Experts from the Culture and Tourism Industry Research Institute of Qichuang Tourism Group analyzed that currently, China’s ice and snow tourism is facing multiple positive factors such as market, competition and sustainable policies.With the upgrading of tourism consumption, tourists attach more importance to interactive and experiential products, and ice and snow tourism conforms to this feature.The 2022 Winter Olympics will become a grand event for all Chinese people, which is bound to further heat up snow and ice tourism.Driven by policy factors such as the vision of “300 million people on ice and snow”, the development of ice and snow tourism as a key industry in many provinces and cities, and the selection of “the first batch of ski tourism holiday destinations”.There are also industrial benefits, around the winter Olympics economy, gradually formed a “snow and ice manufacturing, rescue, holiday services, supporting facilities” of the industrial chain closed loop.Source: