Hiring is like being in a relationship. In order to find the right person, HR needs to be clear about their needs

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In any key position, you need to be able to identify problems, really solve them, and shut them down at the same time.Xiao Canni Xiao Canni Candy, CEO and founder of Dianchuangli, former HRBP director of Dianchuangli, channel partner of Tianjin SATELLITE TV’s “Entrepreneurial Chinese” column, serving more than 500 startups, 10 years of dianping experience, nearly 10 years of HUMAN resources practical experience, 4 years of entrepreneurial consulting experience.I have strong practical management experience and unique insights in marketing and application, brand management and promotion, sales management, core job recruitment, corporate culture incentive, organizational development and other fields.Point with dedicated to high quality entrepreneur, aggregation of various kinds of resources to build entrepreneurial ecosystem, for entrepreneurs to provide: startups senior personnel search and core management team building services, business enterprise operation management consulting service, accurate and practical systematic entrepreneurship training service, as well as the investment and financing advisory services are formed.New site: Recruiting is a critical step for a company.But for managers and business units, HR sometimes hires people that aren’t good enough.How to solve it?Xiao Canni: I think this situation should be seen from several aspects.First of all, recruitment is always at the heart of the business leader, and it is never the job of HR alone.If a business leader or boss isn’t interested in hiring themselves, don’t expect HR to find someone you think is right.Secondly, HR itself really does not understand the business. If HR only receives resumes, interviews, coordinates, and then sends out offers, you will certainly not find the right people.It’s very important for HR to understand what’s going on in the company, what’s going on in the business?Why hire this person?Where do I look for it?What are his core competencies?What counterparts can I find in the industry?What channels can I use to hunt and poach them?What can I do if I can’t find it?That’s what HR needs to think about.In any key position, it’s very important that you can identify problems and actually solve them and turn them off on your own.To solve this problem, the core points are as follows: First, the boss should attach great importance to the recruitment, which means I should engage HR and tell HR clearly what my needs are and why I want to recruit this person.All these information should be synchronized enough with HR recruitment, so that HR can clearly understand the needs of recruitment.After HR receives the task, it will help you find the person with the fastest efficiency and the most cost-effective cost, which is the professional ability of HR. Finally, HR has to think about how to help you stay when they recruit you.Both HR and business leaders need to think about how we can cooperate with each other to better retain the person who has been recruited with great efforts, so that he can not only possess the ability required by this post, but also possess the willingness required by this post, as well as the space he can bear.Therefore, the formation of any result cannot be unilaterally blamed on HR’s bad performance, but depends on how both sides understand and what preparations they have made.New site: for entrepreneurial enterprises, many times to come forward after the trial, but the candidate is not willing to come, how to solve?Xiao Canni: There are several situations when you don’t want to come. First, if he doesn’t want to come, he doesn’t belong to you. You don’t have to worry so much.This is the same thing as being in a relationship. A melon that is forced to twist is often not sweet.Second, think carefully about why you don’t come.The salary is not enough, and you have to go back and look at, what is the level of comparable positions in the industry at other companies?How competitive is my industry pay?I can’t. I have to move up a bit, or I won’t be able to hire anyone.Do you see manpower as a cost or as an input?This is very important for the CEO.The world is always a very realistic state, people must have a price.The high-value person has the ability to produce high yield, so you give up to get.Third, just because he doesn’t come now doesn’t mean he won’t come later.If you really feel good about it, you can put it in your talent pool and grind it out.One of our very good clients, his co-founder, in order to find this VP of sales, had coffee with this candidate in a cafe downstairs of a company for three months and clocked in every week.Do you have the sincerity?You can visit five times, not three times.If you think he’s the right guy, why don’t you?Is there only one interview for your relationship with him?So if he is the talent you really want, you can show your sincerity.New site: How do you assess the right fit for your organization during an interview?Xiao Canni: How to judge whether this person is right or not, I think we should consider from various dimensions.First, you must have relatively superb interview skills.Interviewing is actually a technical activity that requires a lot of practice and does require targeted learning.While you are learning interview skills, your candidates are learning how to be interviewed. From this point of view, every business leader and every recruiter should constantly improve your interview skills to ensure that you can find a relatively suitable match.Second, the interview is not enough, you must do a background investigation, every person will leave his track in his entire career history, and behind this track there must be a degree, second degree, third degree of contacts, these contacts can help you to get a 360 degree evaluation of this person.Thirdly, some professional assessment tools should be added to help you see the person’s initial state, current state and behavior style.There are a lot of assessment tools on the market that are very good at digging into the underlying motivation, state, mood and ability of the person.And number four, which I use a lot, especially for high-end candidates, is to have dinner with their significant other, have drinks with them, and masturbate with them.Let him talk about life, about the present, about the future, about the difficulties when he is most relaxed.If a person is relaxed enough in a social situation, he will present his most true state.New site: How should startups set salaries if they want to balance labor costs with productivity?Xiao Canni: In fact, the topic of salary fixing is more complicated than recruitment. It really belongs to human resources. Among the two major modules, professional competence is relatively highly required.One is salary, the other is OD, which requires professional skills in HR.Compensation has many dimensions. First, how much money do you have?You don’t have that kind of money and you can’t afford it if you want to make a high salary.Second, “money” should be put in quotes, meaning what are you willing to pay for it?For example, in your early startup, you really think this person is good, are you willing to release options and shares?Secondly, we must refer to the same company and industry will give what kind of industry level, this or to refer to.What I just said is more about attracting senior executives or management cadres. You can do it in this way, but your employee, who is engaged in new media, operation or sales, must have his target salary in the industry. You can have a look.I’m sure you’ll be able to recruit as long as it’s not too low.Third, use flexible compensation appropriately.What do you mean?If you can make money, I will share it.You may not need a big base salary, but you’ll be able to spread the money around, and everyone will be motivated.New site: What kind of incentives can help companies better retain talent?Xiao Canni: It goes back to the needs of human beings. The value of human resources is to point out the direction and warm people’s hearts. Then they must have strong means and heart, and they must have certain cognition and sensitivity to human nature.From the perspective of people, every employee has his/her needs in this company. Only when you have a certain understanding of the needs can you really think about how to meet his/her needs, so that he/she can stay in this company longer and produce more efficiency.There are several kinds of human needs. The first one is food and clothing. Can he stay when the money you give him is not very much?If the other company is a little higher, he might leave.So, he has to meet the basic survival requirements to survive in this city, and then we can talk about other things.Young people have very important social needs. Are your colleagues friendly?Is it possible to chase love beans with me?That could be a reason for me to stay.Third, I think the people around me are nice, but I’m not growing, okay?No, I’m doing the same thing today, the same thing tomorrow, the same thing the day after tomorrow, and I haven’t grown. Would he still be here?He needs to grow. Are you going to help him grow?Is there a need for advancement?The core point is that these people can work overtime, they can work like crazy, but you can’t help but see me.All the post-1995 generation have a very important concept in their heart, you should see that I am working hard, see that I am serious and devoted to work, this time you should do recognition, recognition, inspiration, and do it in a way that young people like.By doing so, I think most young people would like to stay.