In 2022, the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, the seventh day of the blessing picture

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The seventh day of the first month, to meet the poor;Garbage cleaning, bad luck removal;Indoor cleaning, welcome fortune;Burn incense, worship god, pray for Italy;Firecrackers and fireworks, to ward off evil.I wish you good luck in the year of the Tiger.Year after year, good things are just beginning.On the seventh day of the lunar New Year, all troubles go away.New Year’s Day is a time of life.Best wishes for your family happiness.Happy New Year’s day!Beautiful music around you, hearty laughter accompany you, warm life follow you, sweet blessing close to you, healthy and happy snuggle up to you, in peace to take care of you, good luck always keep you, sincerely wish you, happy Spring Festival.On the seventh day of the first month, riches and honour can be together with the day, to send the poor etiquette to the comprehensive, the God of wealth immediately to the side, fresh meat on the pot roast, stir-fried bean crackling, speech poor face rich another year, wish you crazy money!Today is the seventh day of the lunar New Year.Brewing for a long time, a lot of thoughts, decided to send you a pair of lucky flying chess, wish you in the New Year over the high!On the seventh day of the first lunar month, happy New Year and happy New Year.Spring to the festival to auspicious continued, chicken singing fengwu joy, year dance poetry flower network line, auspicious day financial resources in your house, auspicious light shine warm heart!Send a true greetings, every word is happy;Send a string of deep care, every minute is safe and auspicious.The seventh day of the New Year, blessing;Things change, miss the same;Deeply bless, hidden in the heart;New Year’s message, to the side;Peace be to you, happiness;May you be healthy and happy.Happy New Year’s day!