More of the newly increased education spending will be used to improve the treatment of teachers, and teachers will see the best news in 2022

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In 2022, more of the new education expenditure will be used to improve the salary of teachers. Teachers have just received the most good news in the New Year. I believe many teachers are preparing for the arrival of the new semester, because there are only a few days left before the full school term begins.Do teachers have any new expectations for the new semester?It must be the hope that the salary of teaching profession is getting better and better.I remember seeing a story: a teacher went back to his hometown for the Spring Festival, relatives and friends gathered together, and everyone naturally talked about this year’s income.Among the relatives, there are independent entrepreneurs, there are those who follow the boss, there are those who work in big enterprises, and there are ordinary workers in the city.They all said how much money they made that year.Only the teacher remained silent.Later, everyone insisted that the teacher said salary income situation, forced to, the teacher said his monthly salary but more than 4000 yuan, plus a little performance, a total income of 60, 70 thousand yuan.Everyone laughed at him and said that he had read books for so many years in vain. Even the ordinary working relatives said that you were not as good as me, and I was worse than you in a year.The teacher could only smile awkwardly.Sometimes it can be awkward to be a teacher, especially when it comes to salary.Generally when the teacher, are read books for many years, on the teacher, and then when the teacher.It is also very hard and trivial to teach every day.Especially now, the society and parents to the teacher’s attention is very high, the slightest mistake, some parents will not forgive.It has long been criticized by teachers that teachers’ efforts are not in proportion to their returns.Fortunately, as the country attaches great importance to education and teachers’ salary, in recent years many places have greatly increased the salary income level of teachers, making teachers’ money bulging.Of course, there are still many teachers in weak areas and economically underdeveloped areas who have not yet enjoyed the benefits brought by the teacher salary policy and still receive meager salaries.Recently, the official website of the Ministry of Education released the key work of education in 2022, including an important content, which mentions the salary of teachers.The details are as follows: The government requires the introduction of a salary guarantee for teachers in compulsory education to ensure that the average salary of teachers in compulsory education is no lower than that of local civil servants.In particular, he proposed that “more of the new education spending should be used to improve the treatment of teachers.”This point has been welcomed by the majority of frontline teachers.In the past, the government also mentioned increasing investment in education, but these funds were used to equip schools with hardware facilities, and a lot of money was invested.But there is a lack of substantial investment only in the treatment of teachers.It is particularly important to mention it this time.This means that teachers’ salaries will rise substantially.The New Year has just begun, and this is the best news as a teacher!