Pan Changjiang river into public opinion, I responded to deny false publicity, the brand responded that there is no cooperation

2022-05-06 0 By

In the entertainment circle more things every day, true, sometimes even unexpected viewers and people on the network, even Deng Lun this couldn’t be valued by all the people that he would tax evasion, his prospects, is everyone talking about Deng Lun, famous pan Yangtze river has also been involved in an argument.Although Pan changjiang seldom participated in the show, he did not stay idle. Instead, he studied on his social networking website. Pan Changjiang was very popular, but he was suspected of making fake wine, which soon caused a lot of discussions.It is understood that famous entertainer Pan Changjiang said on the live broadcast that the boss of the drunken liquor industry had gained the right to set the price, selling a bottle of liquor at 4,799 yuan, which was later pointed out to be 4,500 yuan, causing controversy.This, of course, is also said by well-informed sources, who have known the brand’s chairman for more than a decade and got him drunk, according to a person familiar with the brand.The lawyer added that negligence in live-streaming could be considered a criminal offence and constitute false advertising.Pan changjiang also expressed his opinion after hearing this, saying that he had never said so and did not know the price of the bottle, but he knew that it was the price offered by the supplier.Netizens, looking at Pan’s reply, also joked: “Are you kidding?”Oh, my God.Didn’t you have a drink with the boss of Maotai and cut the price?Later, a reporter contacted the brand, and soon, the brand’s internal personnel replied, and firmly said: no cooperation is false.To everyone’s surprise, Pan changjiang’s words are different from those of the brand, which means that one of them is lying, so everyone knows who is lying.After all, Pan changjiang was often accused of fake news when he switched to live broadcasting.This time, I don’t know what will happen.Netizens and viewers also left comments saying, Acting is not responsible, but honest!Nowadays network broadcast is fake and shoddy, especially those who rely on stars and traffic stars, Internet celebrities, to swindle and abduct.