Pen Pal + code Pal!”Talking Postcards” have arrived!

2022-05-06 0 By

As an important carrier of human emotions, letters have been handed down for thousands of years. With the development of information technology, many children’s understanding of paper communication methods such as letters and postcards is only in imagination.The Cooperation and Exchange Department of The Communist Youth League of Shanghai Held the launching ceremony of the 2022 “Red Print” youth exchange and communication series activities in the “Red Youth Themed Post Office”. With letters and audio postcards as the carrier and red-themed education as the core, it promoted the communication and integration of teenagers from the east and the west.Located at No. 92 south Xiangyang Road, the Red Youth Theme Post Office was launched in June 2020. As a new front of red theme education, it plays a positive role in inheriting red culture, ceasing red blood and strengthening patriotic feelings in the exchanges between the east and west teenagers.At the event, the young directors from the Red youth Theme Post Office, Shanghai Fengcheng Youth Post Office and Shanghai Pudong Youth Post Office stamped the letters full of blessings and friendship with the commemorative postmark and the youth post office datestamps, and delivered their blessings to their friends from afar.This activity, received the response of more than 20 primary and secondary schools in the city, collected more than 10,000 letters, these letters, will carry the blessing of Shanghai students, sent to the hands of those strange friends in the west.In addition to the traditional letters, the children in the east and west also made a cloud communication through audio postcards, just need to scan through the mobile phone, you can hear the school representatives from Tibet, Xinjiang, Yunnan and other places sent wishes.At the scene, after hearing the blessings of these students, the young directors were also happy to make audio postcards, and passed their heartfelt words to the friends in the west through the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, just like their parents communicated with pen friends, and made “code friends”.After communicating with their peers, the students also listened to the red stories brought by the instructor in the national anthem exhibition hall, and learned revolutionary history in the red youth themed post office to understand national culture and cultivate patriotism.@ young you live up to your youth, dare to be the first to hold the red flag, heart has a great mission diligent study, strong quality, practice skills young people in the east and west hand in hand to build a Chinese dream together