Positive results were achieved in the special activities of 2022 Employment Assistance month in Our province

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To implement the provincial government “hold in the first quarter ‘flying start'” arrangement deployment, since January this year, the provincial department people club hall in conjunction with the country revitalization, disabled persons’ federation in the province to carry out the “special activities month employment assistance”, by household visits condolences, organization special recruitment, measures such as strengthening policy propaganda, to promote all kinds of employment difficult groups employment entrepreneurship,The party and the government’s warm care to the hearts of workers.We strengthened household visits and actively promoted employment assistance.Extensive during New Year’s day, Spring Festival “policy and services,” activities, in-depth the villages and towns, villages and change of poverty alleviation relocation area, to conduct a visit, understand the difficult people face to face life and employment, and to have labor ability and the employment intention of employment difficult personnel in a timely manner to carry out precise aid support, help solve practical difficulties.During the campaign, human resources and social security departments at all levels visited 1,324 families with employment difficulties, including 365 disabled registered unemployed, helping 915 people find jobs.Carefully organize recruitment and build a wide range of employment platforms.Relying on the “Public Employment and Recruitment Service Platform of Qinghai Province” and grassroots public employment service institutions and other forces, we organized and carried out various online and offline special recruitment activities, and made every effort to build a labor service docking platform for all kinds of job seekers and employers (enterprises), and provide timely and effective public employment services.During the activity, human resources and social security departments at all levels held a total of 75 online and offline job fairs, including 31 online and 44 offline, organized 838 enterprises for recruitment, provided 8,561 positions, and signed employment (intention) agreements for 1,029 people.We will give more flexible employment assistance to key groups.We will guide public employment service platforms and human resource service agencies at all levels to strengthen flexible job collection, and release job information to the labor market, talent market and gig market through various online and offline channels, so as to provide more job opportunities to people having difficulty finding jobs and members of urban zero-employment families.During the activity, 1,810 flexible employment positions were collected and 1,841 vocational guidance and job introductions were provided to flexible employment workers.Strengthen publicity and guidance to create a good social atmosphere.In order to improve the awareness of the “Employment assistance month” activity, the publicity of the activity was intensified according to local conditions, and the information related to the special activity of the province’s employment assistance month was widely publicized through radio and TELEVISION, mobile phone short messages, wechat public accounts and other media.At the same time, the employment policy consulting service desk will be set up at the job fair site to provide job recommendation and policy consulting services according to the different needs and characteristics of job seekers.During the activity, a total of 21,500 copies of various employment policy brochures were distributed and 4,432 people (times) were provided with policy consultation.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn