Special inspection to ensure the safety of the tongue tip

2022-05-06 0 By

In recent days, the city’s food and drug safety production headquarters continue to carry out special supervision and inspection of food safety units for the New Year’s Eve dinner, to ensure the safety of citizens “tongue tip”.In penglai district, a “New Year’s Eve dinner” catering units, law enforcement officers focused on inspecting the purchase of food raw materials, employees health certificate holding situation, food processing and production process, tableware cleaning and disinfection, food samples, urging catering units to implement the main responsibility for food safety.”There’s a name, and then there’s the end-of-life date, and we want to know when it’s used up, and it’s safe, and every bottle has to be labeled, so we’re all safe and we all understand.”Up to now, the city food and drug safety production headquarters sent a total of 14 inspection groups, inspection of New Year’s Eve dinner centralized meal units 69, investigate 88 food safety hidden dangers, have been rectified.To open the restaurant in question during the Spring Festival, headquarters forbidden superpowers reception, resolutely put an end to mass food-borne diseases occur, at the same time a “family reunion dinner” to undertake BaoBeiZhi, receiving more than 10 table dinner reservation or catering business units to undertake large-scale party, after receiving order, should be a written report to the local market supervision and management and registration for the record.Penglai area market supervision bureau deputy director Zhang Yanping: “during the Spring Festival, we arranged special patrol inspection bureau group, every day uninterrupted meal on the eve of the patrol inspection supervision unit, the problems found in processing, the first time to eat at the same time on-site processing time of the masses to report the first time, to ensure that during the Spring Festival people eat at ease, comfortable and healthy.”