Who is better at martial arts and marksmanship, Lin Chong or Shi Wengong?

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Shi Wengong and Lin Chong have one thing in common — they are both gunners, but from a certain point of view, they are not gunners.Chao Gai soldier attacks Centou city, Shi Wengong makes a pole square day painting halberd, but to Song Jiang campaign centou city, Shi Wengong goes to battle but with a zhu Ying zhang two gun;Lin chong used a gun, and occasionally a stick, for individual stories.But when it came to the battlefield, it was zhangba snake spear.So, in terms of marksmanship, which of the two top generals is better?Let’s do a quick analysis.Swangong is the traditional villain, who does not write much but does a good job.In his debut, Swangong didn’t show off his martial arts skills, but from the vantage point of his position, he was a master in tseng Tou.Later, ceng head city uses a very simple plan to lure the enemy, lead to a chao Build to get enough, and directly led to a chao Build in the arrow body dead, liang Shan easy Lord.When Song Jiang again attacked Zengtou City, shi Wengong, who had changed his weapon, showed his great power. Qin Ming, one of the five tigers in Liangshan, was afraid to walk away and stabbed with a gun.This is swangong’s only victory in the book.Kill chao Gai, defeat Qin Ming, should be shi Wengong shine two great brilliant moments, but I do not know why, his two limelight were robbed.For the first time around Chao Gai’s death, a series of conspiracy theories, more than half of people believe that chao Gai’s death is not shi Wengong, while a lot of seemingly reasonable analysis, directed at Song Jiang.In fact, anyone with half a brain should know that this is a “plot for plot’s sake” overinterpretation, and that the seemingly serious analysis is just serious nonsense.When Shi Wengong breaks through encircle, chao Build ghost all round entangle settle, this ability causes the Shi Wengong that already morale does not have completely panic no way, be caught by Lu Junyi finally by surprise.Does it make sense that the dead find the wrong people when they’re dead, when they don’t know their enemies?Don’t chao Gai died after the brain is not good, even the enemy is who do not understand?After the conspiracy theory stole the spotlight from Shi Wengong’s shooting chao Gai, the “Qin Ming useless” theory is popular again.Shi Wengong could have won the title of the whole book by virtue of this achievement, but he did not get the recognition that he deserved, but made many people think qin Ming is not worthy of the status of the five tigers.The original work more than once confirmed the strength of Qin Ming, in just on Liangshan, Qin Ming seat under the flower rong, the book specially explained Qin Ming and flower Rong, because it is flower rong’s brother-in-law, so rank below.In addition, Qin Ming mostly lost battles not because of his poor martial arts, but because of his rash temper, and he was caught repeatedly by tricks. In the actual one-to-one fair fighting, Qin Ming only lost to Shi Wengong, who was as tough as the other four tigers.So the defeat of Qin and Ming was not because he was too weak, but because Shi Wengong was too strong!Personally, although Shi Wengong was captured by Lu Junyi, but has nothing to do with the level of martial arts, from the record, Lu Junyi does not have the strength to win qin Ming.Lu Junyi’s capture of Shi Wengong was not as good as Guan Yu’s capture of Yan Liang in Romance of The Three Kingdoms (personally, I think these two battles are invalid).Therefore, in terms of martial arts, Shi Wengong is definitely a strong competitor for the first person in the book, with the same strength as Lu Junyi.Compared with Swingong, Lin Chong is much happier, but at least 80% of people have an incorrect understanding of Lin Chong.The most obvious point is Lin Chong’s attitude towards zhaoan.A lot of people think, Lin Chong is a firm recruitment opposition, after all, family breakdown, forced liangshan are all due to the father and son, in the CCTV version of the Water Margin is designed Lin Chong in Liangshan by recruitment after the whole gang was angry.However, with respect to the content of the original work, Lin Chong is not only not zhaoan opposition, on the contrary with most court will be the same support zhaoan, this point from the attitude of Lin Chong when high Qiu is captured up the mountain can be seen.Song Jiang opened his mouth and said, “Wen xiaofan, dare to rebel against the Holy dynasty, nai yuan accumulated sin, so forced.Two times although fengtian grace, the middle weiqu rape fraud, difficult to continuously.Hope taiwei mercy, rescue deep-set people, have to look forward to the sun, imprint is engraved on my heart, vowed to death.”High qiu saw numerous hero, one hero is fierce, Lin chong, Yang Zhi glares at, have the color that wants to break out, had first very fear cowardly, easy way: “Song Gongming, you wait at ease!Gao mou back to the court, will be replayed, please fall wide grace amnesty, come to recruit, reward jiaguan, size of righteous, eat tianlu, think good minister.”Song Jiang listened to exultation, thank taiwei.The feast was very orderly, with leaders both small and large taking turns to counsel.Lin Chong has hate really to tall qiu, but still do not reach the level that lets him give up big plan of move an and oneself future, its reaction degree is just the Yang Zhi that goes backdoor failure is same, glower at, wait for tall qiu to promise to help move an after the event with other numerous head is same, with tall qiu wine talk happy.In addition, there is also a general overestimation of Lin Chong’s martial arts, and I don’t know when there was a saying that “Lin Chong immediately, wu Song under the horse”.It is said that Lin Chong fought dozens of battles in his life and never lost a single battle except when he was wounded by qiong Ying’s flying stones.It is true, but to the top generals, Lin Chong are all tied, and there is no place too brilliant.Compared to the other four tigers, Guan Sheng and Hu Yanzhu were only defeated by Zhang Qing’s flying stone, and Guan Sheng was not hit by the flying stone, but was therefore hit by the knife and did not dare to fight.Dong Ping twice away from Zhang Qing’s flying stone, so that Zhang Qing was fluster, finally lost in the third flying stone, in addition to the arm injury was lost to li Tian leap.The fair fight of the five tigers will not be a crossbow, hidden weapon, only Qin Ming lost to Swingong once, and just analyzed is because Swingong is too strong.Indirect comparison from the record, linchong significantly better HuYan burning, slightly better than the qin Ming, and Dong Ping hard to say, is clearly GuanSheng (GuanSheng has more than 10 us make SuoChao axe afraid), so in terms of martial arts, Lin came second in the five tiger is reasonable, is the “same” unreasonable “two main” but was placed under GuanSheng times on here, but it has nothing to do with martial arts.So in terms of martial arts, Lin Chong is not up to the level of Shi Wengong and Lu Junyi, the comparison between the two of them is undoubtedly shi Wengong.To sum up, It is true that Lin Chong is strong, but there is a certain gap between him and Shi Wengong.Perhaps some people will say that martial arts does not represent marksmanship, but no matter how good marksmanship is, if it cannot be transformed into a victory in battle, what is the meaning of it?And from where can see clever?