Spring Eggs are coming!Wechat updates

2022-05-07 0 By

Wechat function updated!The New Year is getting closer and closer, and the taste of the New Year in wechat is getting stronger and stronger.Now, if you upgrade to the latest version of wechat, you can experience the “Happy New Year red envelope” function in the single chat dialog box of wechat.You can’t customize the amount of the red envelope, the system will randomly select some lucky numbers.For example: 2.88, 1.66, 6.66, 8.88, 0.88, 2.33, etc.Each number has a different message and a different dynamic effect.Good luck: friends in the red envelope cover, you can also set the red envelope blessing for wechat state (blessing language includes: round and round, good luck, overnight wealth, good luck, laughing).After setting the status to wechat, the dialog page will display a little tiger’s head picture and the text status of The New Year.■ Click your friend’s New Year status on the chat page/moments, and you can send a New Year red envelope to your friend directly.■ Click “ME – status icon below your avatar” to view your friend’s status.At the same time, check the status of friends can directly send red envelopes, and have made a New Year’s wish friends.In addition to single chat dialog box can send New Year red envelope, during the Spring Festival, group chat can also send live red envelope, one button open “live New Year + red envelope”, the Spring Festival atmosphere pull full.Have you learned?Let’s play!Sources: Wechat, Straits Metropolis Daily