TSMC to use?ADEKA builds advanced semiconductor materials plant in Taiwan

2022-05-07 0 By

TSMC to use?ADEKA, a Japanese company, announced a Y2.5bn investment in an advanced semiconductor materials plant in Taiwan that is expected to start production in 2024.ADEKA announced in a press release on Monday that it will build a material plant for advanced logic chips at its subsidiary Taiwan Aidic Precision Chemical Co., LTD. (located in Tainan City) with an investment of 2.5 billion yen. The plant is expected to start construction in August 2022 and start production in April 2024.According to ADEKA, the Taiwan plant will be the second overseas semiconductor material production base after South Korea, and ADEKA’s first semiconductor material plant in Taiwan.According to ADEKA, the semiconductor market is expected to grow to one trillion dollars by 2030 due to the spread of 5G communications and the development of a high-ict society such as AI and metasomes, and the speed of logic chip miniaturization is accelerating. When EUV technology is introduced into photolithography around 2023,It is expected that the manufacturing process and material technology will be innovated. In order to seize the opportunity of logic chip technology innovation, ADEKA has decided to build a factory in Taiwan, where r&d and production are active, with the hope of formally entering the logic chip business in Taiwan and expanding the business scale in the semiconductor field.ADEKA’s Taiwan plant will produce silicon chip wiring materials, which are expected to be used in next-generation products with a wire width finer than the current state-of-the-art 5 nanometers, the Nikkei said. Currently, only about five manufacturers in the world can support 5 nanometers wiring materials.At present, Taiwan has TSMC mass production of 5-nanometer chips, and later plans to further refine, to attack the demand.Sumitomo Bakelite announced on November 8 last year that due to the next generation wireless communication network (5G / 6G), Internet of Things (IoT), digital transformation (DX) and other driving global semiconductor demand is booming,In addition to the recovery of demand from OSAT in Taiwan, the Taiwan market is expected to show long-term growth, so we will invest about 3.3 billion yen to build a new plant in the existing factory of Taiwan sumitomo Peco Co., Ltd. to expand the capacity of semiconductor packaging materials to double.Sumitomo Said the new Taiwan plant will break ground in March 2022 and production is expected to start in mid-2023, doubling the monthly capacity of semiconductor packaging materials in Taiwan to 1,400 tons from the current 700 tons.SUMCO, a major silicon chip maker, plans to invest about 110 billion yen to build a new plant in Taiwan to increase production of 12-inch silicon chips.