“The Most powerful Voice of the Winter Olympics” to be their own hero

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Twelve years, four Winter Olympics, time in the air, flipped in the passage of time.Xu Mengtao, 31, Jia Zongyang, 30, and Qi Guangpu, 31, missed out on gold MEDALS at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Xu Mengtao (C) of China competes with her teammates Qi Guangpu (L) and Jia Zongyang after the freestyle skiing aerials mixed team final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 10, 2018.After the race, the mistake jia Zongyang red eyes, choking mumbled: “I chose is my most certain movement, these four years I practice it every day, but the moment of landing, I don’t know, why can’t control, I don’t know…”Seeing Jia Zongyang fault remorse, Xu Mengtao rushed up to embrace him.She later said: “Because we knew he must be more upset than we were at this moment.We’re teammates, we’ve been fighting for our dreams together for so many years, we’re not going to deny him because of a front flip.”China’s Xu Mengtao (R) and Jia Zongyang embrace after the freestyle skiing aerials mixed team final at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb 10, 2018.No one can deny the excellence of the three veterans.The fourth Olympic Games, they are already their own heroes!Stars don’t care about travelers, this is a journey about inheritance.Aerials have long been China’s strength in the snow events.Since Xu Nannan won the silver medal in 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, China has accumulated 1 gold, 6 silver and 4 bronze MEDALS in Winter Olympics.In 2006, Han Xiaopeng won the gold medal in Turin Winter Olympic Games, and achieved the breakthrough of “zero” gold medal for The Chinese team in the Winter Olympic snow events.Since then, generation after generation of aerologists continue to make an impact on the top podium of the Winter Olympics, but no matter Li Nina, Xu Mengtao, Jia Zongyang or Zhang Xin, all missed the gold medal.Xu Mengtao, Jia Zongyang and Qi Guangpu have changed their teammates from the first winter Olympics to their fourth trip.They have thought of giving up, but they still hold the torch that their predecessors handed over and continue to move forward.Even though I was black and blue all over, I never lost the courage to fight again. This is also a journey about sticking to it.In the light of flying, flipping, aerial skills competition those beautiful and thrilling pictures behind, accompanied by athletes sweat and tears, veteran persistence is particularly difficult.After the Pyeongchang Olympics, Xu had surgery on both knees.Always face full of smile Xu Mengtao, legs have long been scarred.Jia Zongyang of China competes in the freestyle skiing aerials mixed team final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 10, 2008.Jia zongyang has also suffered major injuries and 22 steel pins inserted into his legs, making him known as “Iron Man.”But instead of backing down, he battled through injuries for three years and it’s a miracle he’s even on the court now.Three times the impact of the Winter Olympics podium failed qi Guangpu, disheartened once chose to retire, but after all, the enemy but the call of the heart, return to continue to fight.Although qian Tao Lu is hard, blowing as crazy sand only to gold, this is still a journey about harvest.In preparation for the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Chinese aerials team has been absent from international competitions for nearly 22 months due to the impact of the epidemic.China, led by Xu Mengtao, has won all but two of the mixed team events at this season’s World Cup.Xu also became the first World Cup winner in the event with 27 championships.Don’t judge a hero by his success or failure.And for them, the Beijing Olympics aren’t over yet.Xu mengtao declared at the post-match press conference: “We all have individual competition behind us, we have to fight for a breakthrough, we still have a chance!”No matter what the result is, everyone is his hero on the way to fight for his dream!