Urban story, rice husband for small three early, promises to teach the original match

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Zhu Zhenzhen didn’t wait for Tu Boshu to finish scolding, he hung up the phone, Tu Boshu knew the phone hung up, still swore at the mobile phone.Li Wenwu at this time, come to embrace Tu Boshu, Tu Boshu this scolding, there is no doubt that lost, because she is the third party, she could not find the right reason to attack Zhu Zhenzhen, but zhu Zhenzhen that sentence of heart service, let Tu Boshu angina attack.Li Wenwu comfort way: “Small tu, you don’t sad, don’t angry, I now take you to find Zhu Zhenzhen, help you ruthlessly teach her!You rest assured, you are my favorite woman, I will not allow anyone to bully you, make you angry!”Tu Boshu was still sad and tearful on the surface, but she secretly smiled. Her plan had worked.Li Wenwu said dry dry, pulled Tu Boshu out of the company, down the stairs, immediately opened zhu Zhenzhen big Mercedes Benz pulled Tu Boshu to go home.Li Wenwu while driving, while comfort Tu Boshu: “Small tu, you don’t angry, don’t cry, a while you see how I teach Zhu Zhenzhen.”# Lin Shengbin #