World of Tanks China all 36 replacement premium vehicles brief comments final version do not know what to change?Look at this!

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Jan.26th to Feb.6th Hey guys, this is tank zero.This morning, the Chinese server started the tank replacement, this activity is exactly the same as last time, many lords want me to analyze the premium tank that can be replaced this time, I think about it, I will present it with a brief comment, it is the most efficient.- “tank replacement” is an event on all servers, and it’s only an event, which means it’s up to players to decide whether to join or not, whether to switch or not.If you do not want to change, this activity will not affect you at all.And here’s what you need to know:Replacement, is actually buy at a discount, players need to pay thousands of gold for a new car can only use an old tank replacement to buy another new tanks discounts will not affect the value of the displacement tanks, according to the original price to calculate displacement of tank accessories, style, supplies, ammunition free will be sent to the warehouse, the crew will be sent to the barracks, if no vacant beds in the barracks,The replacement will fail and the replaced tank cannot be restored with credits.There is no need to buy extra parking space for new tanks.The replacement operation can only be completed after the second confirmation 6 for 6-87 for 7-88 can only be replaced with 8 sentence brief comments this can be replaced with premium tanks before beginning a sentence brief comments, I first have several points to say: brief comments for reference only!For reference only!For reference only!Profile is subjective, because a car in a word, and it’s hard to do even Aristotle/Socrates, how many will be one-sided and subjective if you have different opinion, it is normal, but I won’t argue with you do anything if you have a very unique and detailed comments, also please leave a message to the articles below,Skoda T40: the body is fat and brittle, short 88 gun DPM is very strong, the gun control is very poor, can play but not as good as the same level of Skoda T25SMA-2:150 damage 4 times, if there is ammunition steamed bun is not necessary to take, generally interesting Fusangtiger:T-34-85m: thick front, high DPM, not bad maneuverability, requires 5 crew, extremely strong POOd:Type 64: Laser gun control + Ace mobility + Wide field of vision but extremely crispy skin, tier 6 light tank king, Dad Sherman Firefly:It has all the advantages and disadvantages of the Y medium tank. It has a needle gun but high penetration + high DPM, it has average mobility, average defense, and it is generally interesting.Look very modern, worse practical capabilities, dozen however bare-foot brother A43 black prince, I would like to call it a magnitude 7 worst gold heavy temple M56 were the “type” : no TS – 5 but want to practice M can the whole crew that a 240 damage 90 cannons, concealment and forms and DPM is pretty good, body is very small, racketeer is special, interesting panther (camouflage M10) :- It’s a German vehicle wearing American clothes, it has mm protection, you can play but you don’t need to play, it’s more collectivable- King Tiger prototype, and FV201 (A45) of the same size, after the tiger is strengthened, there is no need to play su-122-44: S furious cheetah, DPM is very bad, gun control is a bit poor, mobile defense is also good, the vision is a little bit lost.- KV-122 IS the same old KV-1S that was raised to tier 7 with the hull of the KV-1S, but with an IS head.Better mobility than tier 7 IS but less gun control, just average T26E3 Eagle: the product of WARgaming’s historic vehicle project, originally known as Eagle 7, IS the Pershing that hunted the Panther under Cologne Cathedral.T92 LT: It’s not fun anymore after being raised to tier 8, it’s not fun anymore after being buffed, but you can use sta-2 for 279E missions:Strv S1: Very bad in attack, very bad in position defense.FV4202: Y series 17 pounds, 20 pounds gun premium tank all taste the same, shells flying around the small water pipe, playing easy high blood pressure, after hundred and five come FV4202 is more not necessary to take the T26E5:T-54 (prototype) : Excellent frontal defense, 1V1 can kill many tier 8 medium tanks that don’t use premium shells, but the cost is that t-44-100AMx M449 has lower mobility and DPM than t-44-100AMx:- Excellent frontal defense, but the turret cover has obvious weaknesses, DPM and gun control are also fairly average, you can recruit for free, there is no need to pay for 105 assault: fantastic TD with some frontal defense and mobility, the cost is 390 per shot, so its DPM is low, the upper limit is very high, the lower limit is very low.Single 390 low penetration black rifle medium tank, poor mobility, poor concealment and brittle skin, shells like to fly.The WZ120-1G has features, playable, but not recommended: high mobility, high camouflage, high DPM, somewhat defensible, but terrible aiming time and circle extension.112: Defense level 10, mobility is not bad, DPM is not low, but base penetration is low, only suitable for heavy tanks with 1000 effects.T26E4 Super Pershing: After several enhancements, its overall combat capability is still a bit of a problem, but its ability to pay and combat is very good, new and old players should get a Jpz 105 as the main money tank:Brittle has no turret, but high mobility and high concealment, the penetration of the gun is good, the DPM is mediocre, and the dispersion is occasionally twitchy.- IS-6: HE IS basically unplayable, not recommended for all players to exchange or drive (I have given the -6 a good name many times, but this time it IS really not possible) Hwk 30: German light tank, it IS very large, resulting in poor camouflage.Gameplay is more like motor steal gun car, master to lion type: ten years veteran, old and young suitable dozen money car.ELC EVEN 90: an extremely unique tier 8 light tank that achieves extreme concealment and size. It’s very entertaining, but it’s also very good at making money.There is no Golden Wheel to start with /LT-432.In addition, if you replace it with M449, you only need to fill 650 gold coins on the line of 10 years can also be in the money line, the lion is really a model of the current technology tree in the sale of D series car is also more, if you do not have the main money car, then I only recommend the lion this one.The Lion may not be very good for a tier 8 heavy tank, but it’s also one of the best tier 8 premium tanks.First of all, “Lion” has “iron head” and -10 degrees of depression, in the current “selling world” is simply like a duck in water, flat selling side is also completely no problem.Secondly, the “Lion” feature makes it very popular in the current “sticky” hostile environment.It doesn’t matter ah, run fast die fast, anyway now is the heavy tank slowly climb to the point began to shoot, into the shoot link “lion” can not worry, 80 rounds of ammunition in there.And the “Lion” base vision of 400 meters, often can pick up a lot of light assistance, which is money.If you don’t have the main car, then I recommend T26E4 Super Pershing.The super Pershing, which has been buffed twice, and with mm protection, is a very difficult player in both medium and heavy tanks.The Super Pershing is not “strong” in terms of performance, except that it has a much better gameplay experience than before. The current Super Pershing is somewhere between medium and heavy, depending on the player’s modifications and accessories, the mobile Super Pershing is no less mobile than the M26 Pershing.WG has increased its mobility and gun control, which means it has raised its upper limit, and survivability ensures that it has a lower limit.As a heavily armored medium, the Super Pershing can use its armor and vision to hit the front line, damage and assist, and still be effective in combat.Replacement entrance is in the armory the first final summary: 8 level gold TD basic can be changed, T26E4 super Pershing, lion type is recommended and can be used as the main money car, the rest of the mood to see it.My opinion is very subjective, just for reference, and don’t ask me “is it worth it if I trade XX car for XX car?”Or something like that…It’s really insoluble.I am Anabel, Kato, always for the vital interests of our players.If you like my vehicle review, please forward and share the propaganda, let more drivers back to belong to the player’s own position.