Big visit special | held eight area in the New Year’s eve to rehabilitation centers to carry out supervision during the Spring Festival, director of sympathy

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On January 31, 2022, the New Year’s Eve is full of snow.Zhang Weiguo, party member of the Provincial Department of Justice, Party secretary and Director of the Provincial Drug Rehabilitation Administration, visited the drug rehabilitation units in The eighth district, visited the police staff who were still fighting on the front line during the Spring Festival, sent New Year’s greetings and best wishes on behalf of the bureau party committee, and supervised and visited the epidemic prevention and control and safety and stability work at the site.In the 3rd and 9th brigade of the provincial first compulsory isolation and drug rehabilitation Institute and the provincial compulsory drug rehabilitation hospital, Director Zhang Weiguo carefully understood the situation of the police food security, closed duty and site safety protection during the festival, and visited the staff and medical staff on duty.In province female, the second command center, director of held by video monitoring real-time view on duty in the treatment area, focus on asking to understand the duty police configuration, led by shift unattended, addicts living arrangements, etc., and through the visual, bandwidth connection contact closed area to the on-duty police staff led by blew a party holiday sympathy and the New Year wishes.During the supervision and condolation, Director Zhang Weiguo extended holiday greetings to the police staff on duty who actively participated in the front-line work during the Spring Festival. He thanked the comrades for their hard work in the past year, and affirmed the spirit of giving up their small homes to take care of everyone, stick to their posts and selfless dedication.At the same time, he stressed: first, to improve the political position, always tight security and stability of the strings, continue to carry forward the spirit of overcoming difficulties, continuous combat, further enhance the sense of responsibility, strictly implement the safety management systems and measures, do a solid job in preventing and resolving risks and hidden dangers, to ensure the continued stability of the site security.Second, we need to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, overcome the mentality of slackening efforts and paralysis, focus on key links, strengthen personnel management, and continuously build safety barriers to ensure the “zero infection” red line in epidemic prevention and control.Third, the party committee of each institute should pay more attention to the ideological dynamics, physical and mental health of the majority of police staff, do a good job in the Spring Festival life supplies guarantee, as far as possible to provide a good working environment for everyone, remove worries.Fell fine CongYouDaiJing policy implementation, solve the police really worker in distress sorrow look forward to in the present work, the increasing police staff’s sense of belonging, for feeling, sense of honor, growing team of combat effectiveness, cohesion and centripetal force, make contributions to peace, the rule of law in guizhou guizhou construction strength, take concrete actions to meet the large and 20 provinces held the 13th congress of victory!Source: bureau of news center author | photography: Shang Zhou star, 2022, 142 (5952)