Children living in junior middle school has become a worry for parents, several reasons should cause parents to ponder

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I suggest that children in junior high school or do not live in school, especially for children with poor self-control, live in school without supervision, it will inevitably be interfered with by the outside world, academic performance drops not to say, and may go astray.Parents have been very concerned about their children’s learning, and the quality of their grades has been the standard for many parents to judge their children. Therefore, some parents have different opinions on whether their children live in school.Some parents think that living in school shortens the time for children to travel between home and school and has more time to study.Some parents think that children live in school without supervision but let the children fly, after all should live in school.My family is in a town, my child came to the city to study when he was in junior high school. Before, his grades in primary school in the town were good. After he went to junior high school, he wanted to let his child take an examination of a good high school and a good university, so he was admitted to a middle school in the city and lived in the school.To begin with the first semester, good scores, for school arrangement of courses and can finish the homework, but a lot of problems in the second semester, the beginning is not finish your homework on time, don’t listen attentively in class, talking with classmates, play mobile phone in class, said many times all convictions by the teacher.Later the teacher called us, we are anxious bad, for the child such a change is also my husband and I did not expect things, away from the child also refused to take charge of, then I talk to the child does not work, even the child learned to talk back.Finally, I had to transfer my child to a school in the town. I went home after school every day to correct his behavior problems while grasping his learning.As a result of our efforts, the child realized his wrong behavior and studied hard. Finally, he was admitted to a good local high school.Many parents think that living in school can make their children more relaxed and exercise their independence, but things are not as expected.1. Self-control of junior high school students is difficult to be guaranteed, and learning efficiency is related to the surrounding learning atmosphere.Children at this age are at the stage of playing and lack the ability to recognize things, so they are easily disturbed by others. If there are several boys in the dormitory who like playing games, others will be affected, so there is no good learning atmosphere.2. Adaptability to large group life.Children in junior middle school are in a critical stage of physical development. If roommates like to stay up late, it will definitely affect other people’s rest. If they sleep badly, their energy and appetite will be affected.3. Have certain requirements for their independence.Although living in school can exercise children’s self-care ability, parents can also take care of them at home, and parents and children can improve parent-child relationship.Parents’ companionship is very important, if there are parents’ care, there will be no other things to distract the children, parents can guide the children, develop the children’s good life and study habits.Now school violence is not a single event, in the stage of children’s mental growth more need parents to accompany, especially junior middle school is very important for children, not only is the process of children from childish to mature, but also the process of children’s three views gradually established.No matter whether the child is abused or abusive, it is not seen by every parent. If the child is at home, he can get more love from parents. The communication and communication between parents and children can make parents master the recent situation of the child in school and avoid the child to go on the wrong road and suffer a lifetime.Therefore, parents can not put their children in the school for the sake of convenience, when the child really went astray will have very serious consequences for the child’s life.04 accommodation or day study should be determined according to the actual situation of the students the child’s self-control ability can be strong, or because of family reasons forced to let the child choose to live in school, parents should also have some preparation.For example, you must let go when you decide to live in school. Besides preparing daily necessities for your child, you should also respect your child’s choice.Usually with the teacher often contact, at any time to understand the child in the school some of the situation, but do not too much intervention in the child’s life.The child is the first time accommodation will certainly encounter some problems, some parents are very anxious, afraid of the child to suffer, to know that the child has been more than ten years old, some things can let the child face.Usually more contact with children, find the right opportunity to communicate with children, help children solve problems, really understand the child’s psychological changes.05 summary accommodation is not nothing, let children accommodation can exercise a person’s self-care ability and interpersonal skills, but there are also many adverse factors for children, parents must think twice before acting.Children really in our parents only a short period of more than ten years, if you do not cherish the time with children now to get along with the children will miss the best moment with children, parents are the best teachers and trust of children, whether living in school or day school to create a relaxed and happy students and life atmosphere for children.