Deny a 19-point reversal!Guo Shiqiang to celebrate, Chen Yingjun CBA history 1, Guangzhou final 4 is expected

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Guangzhou lost three of its last four games and dropped to 8th in the league. The rest of the team needs to step up and lead the team through the last few games of the second stage.After the victory over Shandong in the last game to stop the decline, Guangzhou team in the second phase of the penultimate game 2 ushered in a big strong enemy, ranked seventh team Shanxi!Shanxi team previously because of the absence of Field, performance has also declined, but the field field comeback, the team strength again expansion, facing the guangzhou team without Mason, the team won the game’s hope is very high.At the beginning of the game, Guangzhou team into the state very quickly, Guo Kai, Chen Yingjun consecutive points, leaf in the inside no one can stop, the team inside and outside the same bloom, and the West team launched a see-saw war!Stalemate, the west team attack power suddenly, the team in 5 minutes without a point, Guangzhou team seized the opportunity to blow 20:0 offensive climax, directly opened a 19 points huge lead!The game lasted less than one quarter, built a 19 point lead, Guangzhou team made a perfect start!But behind, shanxi team can not choose to surrender, Simons, Xing Zhiqiang even 3 points, led to narrow the difference.Then in the second quarter, Yan Pengfei and Felder shot inside and out to launch a comeback, leading the Shanxi team to a 9-0 offensive surge, the halftime deficit directly up to 6 points.Shanxi’s counter-attack continued in the second half. Field’s inside and out shot could not be blocked. Yuan Shuai ignored the defense and scored 2+1, then hit 3 points to lead Shanxi to achieve a comeback!In the crisis, Chen Yingjun stood out and kept passing and scoring to drive the rhythm of his teammates. Leaf also showed his dominance in the interior, repeatedly getting points under the basket. Under the leadership of the two men, Guangzhou team stabilized the situation and continued to maintain a 6-point lead in the third quarter.Leaf inside line is still fierce, Field, the original shuai in the outside to respond, 2 teams launched seesawing war, points difference has always been hovering around 2 points, who have the opportunity to win the game!At the critical moment, the attack of Shanxi team was stagnant, leaf and Chen Yingjun to regain the lead, yuan Shuai, Field unwilling to give up trying to catch up, but Zhu Mingzhen hit the key 3 points, directly killed the game, guangzhou 111:105 victory shanxi, refused to reverse.Deny a 19-point reversal!In the beginning of the absolute advantage of the situation, Guangzhou team blocked the shanxi team’s counter-attack, relying on the strength of the whole team, finally won by 6 points, won the key victory!Guo Shiqiang also celebrated after the game, his face full of excitement.This guangzhou team win, it can be said is 3 military life, the team has 4 people score double, among them Leaf and Chen Yingjun become the key!Leaf finished with 43 points, nine rebounds, three assists, four steals and two blocks on 18-of-27 shooting in 45 minutes, dominating the paint and driving the offense around the basket.Chen yingjun also performed brilliantly, the whole court played 46 minutes, got 24 points, 9 rebounds and 17 assists of the quasi-triple-double data!Chen is the first player in CBA history to have 15+ assists in three consecutive games, 19 against North Carolina, 17 against Shandong and 17 in this game.Great performance by big foreign players, Chen Yingjun making history, guangzhou team’s performance is amazing, with this group of outstanding players and the perfect coaching of head coach Guo Shiqiang, Guangzhou team has a chance to reach the top 4 this season!Guangzhou team impact 4 strong, is not loose talk!The foundation of Guangzhou team is not good, but the team fighting is very strong, Chen Yingjun and Mason in the backcourt, has a strong dominance in the CBA;Zhu Mingzhen, Guo Kai, Tian Yuheng and others on the front line also broke out a very strong fighting force, coupled with leaf to make up for the team inside the vacancy, the team position has been very perfect, in the general with one mind, they are expected to create a miracle this season, kill into the 4 strong.