Live streaming goods into the “past tense”?The next $70 billion market is coming: Fandeng already makes $1 billion a year

2022-05-08 0 By

Online shopping has become a very important way of shopping for people, which for the society and many young people, this way of shopping can be said to make their life more convenient.But it is also because of the growing online shopping group, many businesses in order to be able to put the interests of the highest, you receive, and the picture you see, may not be the same thing.This is the reason behind the rise of live with goods.▲ The rise of online live streaming enables consumers to understand the details of a garment to a greater extent in the form of dynamic interaction.If people have any questions about the product, the business can respond immediately.This way for businesses, but also to increase the appeal of their products, but even so, some people receive the wrong goods.But this way of selling, indeed can capture the heart of many people.Many people also feel bored at such a time of night. Watching live stream can be a way to relax, but watching it, you can’t help but chop your hands off.Many people, in particular, don’t want to miss out on such an opportunity once they hear a promotion or something like this.▲ Live Fan Deng reading recently came, live with goods ushered in a new tuyere, Fan Deng reading has entered it, the size of the market in the future will reach nearly seven billion, the amount is quite attractive.And Fan Deng’s annual income has reached 1 billion yuan.Then some people are curious.What kind of field is it?In fact, we are not unfamiliar, that is, we pay for knowledge, it is not difficult to understand, many people like to read novels, see the wonderful part, may need to spend money.Then what kind of form does Fan Deng use?We are in the Internet environment, most people’s favorite entertainment, in addition to playing games, the most likely is to brush short videos.It is precisely because of the rapid arrival of the era of short video that the word fragmentation has been mentioned by more and more people.Like short videos, it only takes a few seconds to get people’s attention.There’s not a lot of consultation that gets passed on.That’s the premise.That’s where paying for knowledge comes in.Among them, Fandeng Reading became very popular in the process.Knowledge realization can be achieved to a great extent.By 2020, it will have reached $1 billion.Such a potential market, of course, also let a lot of capital enterprises want to share a slice of the action.Like the current Zhihu, there are many very good articles, if you want to continue to read, that also need to open a member to have permission.The market of paying for knowledge has become more and more broad.As such, many institutions are also analyzing the development prospects reflected by this model in the future, and some of them are very optimistic about this platform, believing that the market value of this platform can reach 70 billion yuan.Many netizens for such a practice, is not very agree with the knowledge of payment such a model, that is, in order to let consumers spend more money, but for most people, they may not be willing to work after work, but also in this to spend a lot of money.Of course, the model of knowledge payment is evolving, and there will be groups who are very willing to pay for it. If you want to better attract customers, you may need them to make more efforts to solve some existing problems, such as knowledge sources and knowledge authenticity.