“Reborn sweet Wife: President, don’t spoil too much” Si Yang: am I too gentle?no

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May you start small and end big.There are many kinds of novels, but which ones really suit you?As a senior fan of old books, to hear the call of you to ensure that this wonderful, absolutely let you see do not want to sleep oh!Like to remember to praise collection, from now on no book shortage!!Today to share with you is: pet text “rebirth sweet wife: president, don’t be too pet” Si Yang: am I too gentle?I can’t.Once upon a time there was a street, and in the street there was a shop, and in the shop there was a strange cook, and he cooked very well.Once upon a time there was a street where there was a shop and there was a strange cook who cooked without a menu.Once upon a time there was a street where there was a shop, and in the shop there was a strange cook, who liked to hear stories.Once upon a time there was a street where there was a shop and there was a strange cook who had a story of his own.Once upon a time there was a street, the street opened shop, shop there is a strange cook, strange cook opened a story……Highlights: Sometimes when I think back to the scene of your first meeting, I always doubt whether my impression of your diligence is true or not.When I was young, I often heard the old man say that running a restaurant was the most tiring business. He had to get up before 4 o ‘clock in the morning to make breakfast, and had to close the door at 10 o ‘clock at night to take stock, often sleeping less than four hours a day.When I was a child, I had a neighbor who ran a small restaurant. As a common saying goes, the smaller the business, the more tiring it is, because the business of husband and wife, except for occasional help, is basically the two of them working from morning to night.Seeing two people from laid off to open a small noodle restaurant, in just five years, both of them lost more than one circle, their hands because of long-term soak in water and noodles, one winter will always crack, even so, they just casually take a piece of white tape wrapped and continue to work.Although all the business is not easy, but because of what I saw when I was a child, I felt that the business of catering was the most difficult.At the beginning, I always felt that I would be so tired that I would give up and give up working here after only one or two days. However, after a long time, I didn’t really feel that I was working in a restaurant except that I got busy after work.Most of the time I felt that it was too much like a special “inn” for me to rest a heavy heart.Uncle, this place is so different from the concept of a restaurant.In addition to the beginning of the cause of my injury, uncle is always in the kitchen outside the hello busy, but for a long time, uncle directly when the hands of the shopkeeper, in addition to the usual will help deal with the ingredients, the cook and small two tasks are I a person to do.(click below free reading) the second “rebirth sweet wife: president adult, do not too pet on” author: bright moon on abstract: be cheated before one’s death Dally with female affection of man White lotus flower design, steal fame and fortune, push down cliff, tragic death cliff bottom.Just before he died, he knew that a gentle, handsome and polite president was in love with him.After the rebirth of fate goodbye, president adult has changed temperament, bully, rogue, proud jiao, no reason!Xia yi discontent way: can you return?Highlights: Xia Yi helplessly retracted his hand, can only give up.Banquet qing saw her accept a mobile phone, mouth and pulled up a smile.”I asked you out today because I wanted to go out with you.”Banquet clear way: “I know you before period of time in busy, so did not disturb you.”Then he looked at Xia skillfully, waiting for her praise.Shay shuddered when she heard the word “date.””Yan Qing,” Said Xia Yi, looking at him in horror, “you are afraid that there is some misunderstanding about dating.”Banquet qing looks at xia yi’s expression, funny of kneel kneel her cheek way: “I feel is you have misunderstanding to me.””What did I misunderstand about you?””Said Xia.Banquet qing looks at xia yi’s eye, grievance way: “you to my impression still stays in the time of former university, I now heel before different.””Eh”, Xia yi wiped the cold sweat from her forehead. Now the feast is even more terrible than before.”I reflected on myself, before I misunderstood you…”Banquet qing affectionately look at her, some embarrassed.”Now I see that I should give you a chance, and myself a chance…”After a shy silence, he said, “So let’s try it out!”Say that finish stammering hold xia yi’s hand, at the same time with eyes on her body rub to rub.Xia yi is electrocuted and pulls out his hand from Yan Qing’s hand, apparently frightened.So Yanqing’s implication is that he misunderstood her to like him and now wants to give her a chance?Abstract: Defiled in prison, Huo Chen threw her an agreement, her life he to redeem, the condition is to marry him.This is a contract, who first into whose bureau……”Mrs. Hall, Mr. Hall wants you to go home.””No!I won’t come back.”Small tuanzi waxy waxy took the rose to pass chu Xuan in front, “mom, you don’t want me?””Yes, not my little one.”Highlight: Huo Chen’s voice is cold and irresistible.Tuan Tuan wronged a face, but he did not dare to disobey huo Chen’s command, low head do not speak.”Apologize!Hochen repeated patiently, for he could see how much effort the little fellow had made.These days sick feeling unhappy when the little guy will catch things drag, Huo Chen has already experienced tuan tuan strength.Just that moment, god knows huo Chen heart suddenly tense up.Chuxuan stood at the side of the cold eyes, the child is still there low head silent.”Chen, tuan tuan is not intentional, you don’t so fierce to him.”Ying can quickly open, and then look at Chu Xuan.”Miss Chu, I apologize on tuantuan’s behalf. He may have been in an emotional moment.Soon after tuan Tuan woke up, the doctor said he was not in good physical condition.””Since you know the child is not well, don’t bring it out.”Chu Xuan is not what Madonna now, it seems that Gu Lang said right.When a child is less than three years old, if there is no adult behind him…And it is not certain that the present tuan Tuan is the former one.Huo Chen’s face softened a little when yingke said tuan Tuan was not well, but he still looked at the boy with a frown.I don’t know if it is his delusion, but sometimes I have a strange idea about the children in front of me.”I’m sorry.”After a while, the boy finally murmured his apology.Chuxuan is not what clench a thing not to put the person, see tuan tuan apologized to say.”There is anything else, nothing I go out.”(Click below to read for free) “Rebirth sweet Wife: President, don’t spoil too much” Yang: am I too gentle?I can’t.Fellow fans, are you satisfied with the article recommended today?If you have any favorite genre or suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below, and reply to each one!She thought of the pain and decided to throw everything, just to get freedom sweet text “Princess This beautiful yan such as Shun Hua” he languidly opened: the prince so openly grab the king’s concubine house dou Shuang article “Koi Princess climbed the wall” medical princess sa in the road and beauty, braving the wind and waves, against the wind