Septuagenarian dad won’t tell his wife

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At 3:00 p.m. on March 30, an old man came to the Hubei Blessing lottery Center.He is from Shiyan city and the winner of the second prize of the 2022032 phase of the two-color ball drawing on the evening of March 24, with a prize of 523,000 yuan.The elder, surnamed Jin (Hua), is seventy-five this year.Although he is not young, he is a newcomer to the lottery and has only been in touch with the lottery for three years.However, old or ginger hot, the old lottery understanding is very in place.”I never study the rules and irregularities,” he said. “There are no rules at all. I just know to buy every lottery.Winning is just luck, isn’t it?”In the beginning, Father Jin chose the number to bet every period.Later, he is too troublesome to choose the number, learned to keep the number.He thought of two single numbers and doubled his investment.March 23rd is a Wednesday.That afternoon, Dad Jin stopped by the site and wanted to buy two groups of guards.After entering the store, he found that the old lottery ticket was kept at home. He couldn’t think of all the two groups of numbers at that time.He hesitated for a while, thinking, take it as it comes, and simply choose a few bets.On the way, Dad Jin held the lottery ticket he had chosen by machine. The more he looked at it, the more uncomfortable the number became.At noon on March 25, he went to the betting station and asked the salesman to check the winning situation. He learned that in the 5 groups of numbers selected by the machine, the last group hit 6 red balls and won the second prize.The salesman excitedly told Dad Jin, “You have more than 500,000 yuan for this prize. You have to go to the provincial Blessing Lottery Center to receive the prize.”Dad Kim looked around quickly, saw that no one was watching him, and ran away from the betting station.The award was so big that Dad Kim was distraught for days.At 3 am on March 30, he got up and said to his wife, “I’m going to wuhan today to meet an old friend and run some errands by the way. I may come back late in the evening.”With that, to the surprise of his wife’s eyes, Father Jin walked out of the house.He hurried to the railway station, took a green train at 4 a.m. and got to Wuhan in seven hours.It took a few hours to get to the provincial lottery center.The staff member said, “It would be perfect if you came with your mother-in-law. You should make her happy too!”Dad Jin squeezed his new bank card tightly and said, “You don’t know!My wife never believes in winning the lottery, which makes me a little skeptical, too.I came to Wuhan to receive the award, how dare to tell her?What if it’s a fake?Now THAT I’ve got the money, I’m relieved.I’ll tell her when I get back.”(Correspondent Li Jianmin)