Time, I have been in

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A clockwork clock is so noisy that an old hen can never finish pecking the second hand of rice.At that time, the snow cream was fragrant, the malted milk was sweet, and the old fan was cool for a summerTime seemed forever too long. Spring was always too short. Summer was always a little hotGrandpa’s memory is no longer vivid, but he holds the old enamel water cup in his hand every day. He says that it is a revolutionary love gift from grandmaCorner dusty old sewing machine that is mother’s dowry when something bad will only go to repair clothes were mended for elder brother’s clothes can wear short change brother when mother alert lady wear needles to hesitate the hair is still black then pharmacy is rushes home backyard mint chrysanthemum morifolium plantain boil cure have a fever cold lobelia stomachache dizziness waist sour backache 10The TV at that time is better than now although want to let the antenna turn to turn although there are snowflakes although the TV station will rest although the kind of good-looking is not this good-looking 11 lotus seeds are very sweet water chestnuts hurt hands grandpa’s Pu ‘er tea fragrance diffuse late autumn sunset time, I have been in.12131415161718192021222324252627282930313233 kobayashi (emperor huan Lin) resolves to do photography calligraphy best jokes hand, pioneering gender-role reconstruction done writing the best gourmet, but xiao Lin graduated from clinical medicine.Book zen kobayashi life “human freedom” wuhan must win the peace of you, just the most beautiful the more ordinary, is also a limited edition “, such as a flower “at the beginning of the meeting, if meet again,” all the past, are a prelude to the time used to – twenty-four solar terms in the camera I want to give you a picture.