After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, this former spy went to Beijing every time, why was received by the vice president personally

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In the course of China’s modern revolution, the casualties of communists caused by the secret agents of the Military and unification are numerous.In most cases, they had helped the Kuomintang to commit so many heinous crimes that it was not surprising that communists and other progressives had a deep hatred of those military agents.But strangely enough, one of the juntong spies had won some favor among us.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the former military spy, every time he went to Beijing, he was personally received by a vice president at that time.What the hell is going on here?Today, I want to tell the story between the former spy Yan Jinwen and the founder of the Democratic League Mr. Zhang LAN.Zhang LAN was born in Zhonghe Township, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province in 1872. He studied with his father, who was a scholar.He first followed the path of the former Qing Dynasty, all the way into school, once a constitutionalist.Later, he went closer to the democratic revolution and took part in the massive road protection movement, which was praised by Sun Yat-sen.After the founding of the Republic of China, Zhang LAN was elected to the National Assembly of the Republic of China in 1913 and met CAI E.When Yuan Shikai declared himself emperor and the fruits of the 1911 revolution were stolen, Zhang LAN was furious.CAI E chose to revolt in Yunnan, led the army to the north, Zhang LAN contacted the Sichuan army division, immediately responded to the declaration of independence in Nanchong, forcing Yuan Shikai to cancel the monarchy.In the early years of the Republic of China, Zhang LAN has been in the Nationalist government, and a lot of achievements in addition to the political achievements, Zhang LAN is also a rare educator.He has been actively involved in the cause of education, opening new schools.He sponsored a number of work-study students in France, many of whom went on to become prominent members of the Chinese Communist Party.After the New Culture Movement, a group of people led by Chen Duxiu advocated democracy and science, while Zhang LAN founded The National Chengdu University in Sichuan province, which also adopted the policy of integration of CAI Yuanpei’s Peking University, advocating academic freedom and vigorously promoting democracy and science in the campus.However, during the National Revolution, Chiang Kai-shek launched the April 12 counter-revolutionary coup d ‘etat, Zhang LAN felt very disappointed with Chiang kai-shek’s behavior, in addition, the National government suppressed academic and ideological research freedom of the claim, also let Zhang LAN on the government’s behavior can not see, so he angrily resigned and left the national government.Although Zhang LAN could not see some of the actions of the Nationalist government, the Chinese people were in great distress at that time. As a patriot, he could not sit idly by.While supporting the Anti-japanese democratic movement, he was also preparing for the formation of a unified democratic political league.In 1941, Zhang LAN participated in the organization of the China Democratic Political League, and was elected as the central executive member, and later elected as the central chairman of the Democratic League.In 1944, the China Democratic Political League league was renamed the China Democratic League.He led the Democratic League, and always chose to firmly support the Communist Party of China, and fought resolutely with the Communist Party in the war of resistance, and united against surrender, division and retrograde.In 1945, he wrote to the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, asking them to stop the civil war.However, Chiang Kai-shek did not take his words to heart. In 1946, Chiang Kai-shek blatantly tore up the Double Ten agreement, attacked the liberated areas of the Central Plains, and launched a civil war.Zhang LAN dedicated democratic liberation movement, by national government house arrest in Shanghai Hongqiao sanatorium, until the eve of Shanghai liberation, Shanghai underground party organization of the Communist Party of China rescued Zhang LAN.Rescue Zhang LAN rescue Zhang LAN is the communist Party of China is in Shanghai underground party organization member, and among them one is the spy of Kuomintang juntong, he calls Yan Jinwen.In fact, it is recorded in many materials that Yan Jinwen was one of the main members of xingzhong Society, a gang organization founded by Yang Hu.After the victory of the War of Resistance against Japan, he relied on Yang Hu’s connections to enter the investigation and punishment of the Kuomintang Shanghai Police Headquarters, and had participated in the arrest of communist members for many times.Who would not have thought that such a walk between the gang and the spy organization, incredibly will be a close friend of the Communist Party of China, but also rescued the famous democratic figures Mr. Zhang LAN and Mr. Luo Longji.When Zhang LAN was under house arrest in Hongqiao Sanatorium in Shanghai, Chiang kai-shek wanted to take him with him to Taiwan in order to undermine the democratic atmosphere on the mainland and influence the preparation and establishment of the New China.But Zhang LAN is resolute not from, see Zhang LAN so tough spirit, Jiang Jieshi has no idea to kill a heart to him under, by at that time spy chief MAO Renfeng plans preparation to execute assassinate Zhang LAN.At that time, MAO Renfeng organized the Shanghai Police Army nie Cong and its deputy Yan Jinwen to execute Zhang LAN by means of sinking the river.At that time, Although Yang Hu had carried out a massive hunt for revolutionaries, he had later turned into a close friend of the Communist Party, and Yan jinwen had long been inspired by Yang Hu to support the Chinese Communist Party.And because the assassination happens to be by Yan Jinwen is responsible for, so it is still by him in charge of the rescue work, but when Yan Jinwen arrived at the sanatorium, want to rescue Mr Zhang LAN, but found Nie Cong already ready to assassinate, so the rescue work has become tricky and compact.Rescue process it may be said is extremely dangerous, in a critical moment during, Yan Jinwen took Zhang LAN and luo Longji together at that time, very thrilling escaped interrogation, returned the mansion of Yang Hu all the way.We all thought that Mr. Zhang LAN would follow in the footsteps of Li Gongpu and Wen Yituo and die a glorious death, but it was Yan Jinwen’s rescue plan that allowed Mr. Zhang LAN to stand safely beside Chairman MAO at the founding ceremony.And also be this paragraph of soul-stirring rescue plan to let Zhang LAN and Yan Jinwen became a pair of good friends.On October 1, 1949, new China was founded, Mr. Zhang LAN regarded as the founder of democratic League and leader, was promoted as the vice chairman of the government of new China, and Yan Jinwen also because of this rescue plan, was found a place for by the government in Shanghai public security Bureau as commissioner, mainly responsible for the work of police affairs.However, whenever Yan Jinwen went to Beijing, vice President Zhang LAN would hold a banquet at his home to entertain the young friend who had saved him from danger.Two people will not because of the gap between the positions of each other and estrangement, but is sitting on the ground, talk about heaven and earth, do not say anything.In those days that a thrilling rescue plan, the final result of a pair of friendship.Arrived later, Yan Jinwen is long stationed in Beijing, was invited to become the CPPCC member of Xuanwu district in 1984.Summary: maybe at the beginning we will wonder why a former juntong spy can be personally received by the vice president every time he goes to Beijing?But when we learn the stories behind these two people, we are moved by the depth of their friendship with each other.The friendship between them is not only revolutionary friendship, but also life and death friendship. Only through the experience of life and death, can we appreciate the precious friendship between each other.On February 9, 1955, Mr. Zhang LAN died of illness in Beijing at the age of 83.When Yan Jinwen knew his old friend died, his heart must be extremely sad, but Mr. Zhang LAN pursued democracy and national independence all his life, before dying of illness, still worried about the great cause of Taiwan reunification.I think Yan Jinwen must be proud of having such a patriotic friend.