Analysis of development status of Shexian, Cixian, Qiuxian, Jize and Guangping in Handan

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This article covers 5 counties in the red line above.Zhongshe county is located in the mountainous area, and the rest are on the plain.Shexian covers an area of 1,509 square kilometers. The other four counties are all small: 695 square kilometers in Cixian, 449 in Qiu, and only 300 square kilometers in Jize and Guangping.The population of Cixian and Shshe county exceeds 400,000, while the population of the other three counties is around 300,000.Jize and Guangping counties are densely populated, with a population density on the line of 1,000 people per square kilometer. Cixian and Qiu are 689 and 576 people per square kilometer, respectively. Shshe is the sparsest.The permanent population of the five counties is lower than the registered population, with an outflow of 30,000 to 50,000 people, among which the outflow of Cixian county is the least, 8%, leaving 440,000 people.The outflow was 12.4 percent, leaving 380,000.The remaining three counties have fewer than 300,000 permanent residents, with the outflow rate in Jize county at 13 percent, Guangping county at 16 percent and Qiu County at 18.4 percent.The total number of primary and secondary school students in the counties is 61,000, accounting for 14-16% of the total population, of which 14% are registered population and 16% are permanent residents, the lowest among the five counties in China.There are 100,000 primary and secondary school students in Cixian, accounting for 20.8~22.6% of the total population.All in all, education in the five counties is well developed, and the enrollment rate of students (including high school, not just compulsory education) is very high, because 20% is basically equivalent to the total number of children in the 12-year age group of 7-18 years old. Note that the total number of children in the 14-year age group of 0-14 years old is only 20.22%.The bed rate of medical institutions in Shexian county is 0.68%, which means that the hospital rate can accommodate 6.8‰ at the same time, probably because shexian county is the furthest hospital transfer from the city.Zi County (0.57%) ranked second, Jize County (0.39%) and Qiu County (0.41%) were the lowest.Social work institutions (nursing homes, welfare homes, nursing homes for mental illness, relief stations, etc.) also had the lowest bed rate among counties, followed by Guangping, Qiu, Zi and Jize.The GDP of the five counties was 16.5 billion yuan, which surprised xiaobian.Shexian county is not dependent on agriculture with a large area under its jurisdiction. In fact, its agricultural output value accounts for 6.5%, which is the lowest, although the absolute value of agricultural GDP of the five counties is very close between 1 billion and 1.5 billion yuan.The industrial GDP of Shshe county is 7.55 billion yuan, which is the highest among the five counties in terms of absolute amount and 45.8%. Because of its large population, The tertiary industry takes up the largest proportion of commercial GDP, exceeding 54%, but the absolute amount of 4.3 billion yuan is not as good as shshe County’s 7.85 billion yuan.Qiu and Jize counties, with smaller areas, have the largest proportion of agriculture (about 16 percent) and almost the same proportion of industry and commerce.Corresponding county bank deposits are also the largest, the only more than 20 billion yuan of the county, Cixian also to 19.36 billion yuan close to the 20 billion yuan mark, the other three counties less than 10 billion yuan.She county’s per capita savings reached 55,000 yuan, followed by Cixian with 42,000 yuan, Qiu with 35,000 yuan, Jize and Guangping with only 30,000 yuan.The loan volume of Cixian county is large, more than the county, whether it is mortgage car loan or business loan, all prove that the local market development has confidence.The total amount of bank deposits and loans in Cixian county is relatively large, which is 4.2 times of GDP, and it is a relative financial center. The total amount of bank deposits and loans in Cixian County can reach 2.2, while the other three counties are less than 2.The county involved on the scale of industrial enterprises for 78, in 5 counties ranked the first, no wonder its budget income and budget expenditure are very high.Qiu and Jize counties ranked second with 70 and 69, clearly surpassing Guangping with 51 and Cizi with 42.Cixian is the least enterprise on the rules, and its industrial GDP is the last consistent.For the sake of time, I’ll stop here and you should be able to dig up more from the table below.Refers to theStandard unit she county axis qiu county jize county township area of 1509695449336314 square kilometers guangping county administrative areas in a town of 8623 a, 86547 neighborhood offices 1 census register population 433398479082258473341753314232 28768957610171001 permanent population densitiesMouth 379559440728210998297425264025 net outflow of population 5383938354474754432850207 people turnover rate 12.4% 8.0% 18.4% 13.0% 16.0% GDP ten thousand yuan 1649112799240934742935086931577 the first industrial added value ten thousand yuan, 107974113262150728145495106831 second industrial added value of ten thousand yuan GDP of the third industry $755556253781401747396065371206 to $ten thousand, 785582432197382267393526Agriculture 6.5%14.2%16.1%15.6%11.5% Industry 45.8%31.8%43.0%42.4%39.8% Commerce 47.6%54.1%40.9%42.1%48.7% Revenue in the general public budget is RMB 134731779705166651General public spending $88369000 to $ten thousand, 285465258643176191202581225631 residents savings deposit balance of ten thousand yuan at the end of 22349381936285819139968530873629 financial institutions the loan balance of ten thousand yuan, 13238731446382531069544407580495 per capita deposits savings and loans /GDP2. budgetary revenue /GDP8.2%9.8%5.5%5.5%7.4% budgetary revenue/expenditure 47.2%30.1%29.3%25.6%30.6% facilitiesAgricultural planting covers an area of hectares 37120 tons of oil output 6218346803354138 tons of cotton output 33190269371690 Industrial enterprises above designated size 7842706951 fixed telephone subscriber households 22430287006271100004500 Students in regular middle schools 2451247820221502294118494 primary school students in school 3647051636321294018236938 primary and middle school students of 6098299456542796312355432 primary and middle school students account for 18.5% of the population of 14.1% 20.8% 21.0% 17.6% primary and middle school students oftenResident population 16.1%22.6%25.7%21.2%21.0% Beds in medical and health institutions 2766260596612411407 Rate of medical and health bed ownership 0.68%0.57%0.41%0.39%0.49% Social work institutions providing accommodation 10144310 social work machines providing accommodationIn short, although Shexixian has the disadvantages of poor terrain and distance from urban areas, it has the largest number of large sites and large-scale enterprises (for example, its industrial zone is larger than the county seat).Thus creating the economic benefits of GDP first, and Tibet rich people (per capita savings first) social benefits.She county is also the only 5 counties set up a street office of the county.There are relatively few enterprises in Cixian county, but it has the largest population, the largest number of fixed telephone users, the lowest population outflow, the second per capita income, relatively developed education and finance, and relatively strong comprehensive strength.The GDP of the other three counties is basically the same, but the per capita order is Qiu County > Guangping > Jize County.The author’s relevant articles are as follows, thank you for your attention and forwarding.Handan fertilizer township, Yongnian, Daiming, Linzhang, Chengan development status analysis of Handan and Xingtai real income, Hebei regional economy latest research series 2 Handan 16 towns, 11 towns of Zi County: population, land, industry…The latest statistics handan City wei county 21 town, guangping county 7 town changes: population, land, industry…The latest statistics on the changes of 49 towns and villages in 6 districts of Handan: population, land, industry…The latest statistics Handan name 20 town, the town of guantao formation served 8 contrast and change: population, land, industrial latest statistics Qiu county, handan jize, quzhou county township population, land, industrial latest statistics Handan LinZhang 14 towns and shing town contrast and change: population, land, industrial latest statistics E hebei xingtai contrast D: handan ji JiSheng yu, heap cements?Hebei regional Economic research series Handan Wu ‘an, Jingkai District, Hebei New District 34 township changes: population, land…The latest statistics